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Once you pour the dressing on the other ingredients, do you toss?
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I would ask him what he planned to do about our increasing indebtedness and subsequent weakness as regards the People's Republic of China... and whether he would continue to militarily back the independence of Taiwan. I would also ask him what proactive measures he would take to end the genocide in Darfur.
Thanks, Guy!
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I cannot divorce her war vote from her desirability as a President because her Iraq war vote tells me that she would be no less casual about throwing away the lives of our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines, not to mention uncounted hundreds of thousdands of civilians, than the current President. Senator Clitnon can't be trusted to make good judgements on the use of military force. Is there anything more immediate and serious than that? As a veteran, I cannot, in good conscience, even consider voting for her.
"Rantsy-pants" *Chortle* Ahem.
Agreed, all around. Well said.
I'm sure that Amy isn't alone... but I have news for her. There are more people in the Republican camp that will choose Obama over McCain, than Democrats who will choose McCain over Obama. Moreover, there are no small number of Democrats, myself included, that plan to boycott the election (or at least write in Obama), should the Hillary Machine steal, yes... steal, the nomination from the will of the voters.
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Truthfully, I would have no issues with a female candidate who I agreed with on issues... but I have no rose-colored illusions that she would be any different than most men.