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Well, at least Ollie's romantic. My 7-year-old has a crush on one of her classroom's "bad boys" and he sounds like a bossy punk (one game he played with Isis has him as commanding officer and her as an army recruit)
I guess I don't understand the sigh of relief. I'd rather be touching something that regularly induces orgasms and has been having fun inside a woman than something that's been removing someone else's plaque and old food particles
As she neared the end of her banana and glass of milk, Allison's watched as her mommy passed through the living room, on the way upstairs. She had a book with her, and Allie knew what that meant. Mommy going to the bathroom, where she always said, "it's the only place I get to hear myself think." Allie took advantage of the absence of her mommy to peek into the purse at the pretty ring there. She thought of the bare finger on mommy's left hand. Remembered the stories of the mugging. Remembered how much mommy and daddy had cried not about their fear or the loss of their wallets but the loss of the ring. The ring that had belonged to grandma...the ring daddy had given mommy when he asked her to marry him. The stories of their engagement and marriage had always made Allie happy but now they made little tears well up when she thought of them. That ring had been so special to mommy and daddy. Mommy felt bad that such a precious thing had been lost and daddy cried and mumbled at times that he felt like a bad husband that he couldn't even afford to buy a nice replacement for that ring. Allie looked at the glittering treasure in the shadows of the pink plastic purse and thought what it might look like on mommy's finger. Wondered if it might bring joy to her parents' eyes to see it there.
You make it worth the return trips here, and on Twitter, too (me and Facebook don't get along lately so not sure I'll see you there much). I think I may have given myself a little too much tongue with that wet kiss, though. "Passion" got the better of me.
Can totally understand why you might not like Dr. Pepper (though I'm pretty fond of it and its cousin Pibb). But you REALLY want to taste ass-in-a-can? Get some Moxie. My state used to be part of yours, so I'm sure you can find it (or perhaps you've already been acquainted with it). Never has any drink but Moxie dared to combine the sublime flavor of root beer with heavy notes of cough medicine and an undertone of concentrated sphincter.
I'm not going to mention my wife, child and stepson because (1) your own example suggested your family might have crashed with you so maybe mine crashed with me too, (2) I might be accused of too much sentimentality, and (3) they might not want to be stuck on the island with me, so why even drag them into this. That said: 1. My entire stash of favorite magazine pictorials (placed in a binder in the days before Internet porn was so easy to come by), Victorian-era bondage/discipline novels and erotic short stories gathered from online in various genres/kinks in hard copy form (because even if I had a way to power a laptop, who's gonna fix it when it eventually crashes?) 2. One entire set of Wusthof kitchen cutlery and one entire set of J.A. Henckels kitchen cutlery, for defense, hunting and cooking needs...and because I've always wanted good knives for my cooking so being stranded on an island might as well be the reason why. 3. Many, many crates of decent merlot or quality brown ale or IPA 4. A shit-ton of notebooks and pens so I can write my fiction in peace and finally get all those novels done that I don't have time to finish (or start, in most cases) 5. Several sets of 500-count Egyptian cotton sheets, because if I'm going to have to sleep on the ground the rest of my life, I might as well do so in as much comfort at possible.
With my wonderful new superpower of hyper-snoring that has emerged in middle age, I wouldn't hardly be in my own bed to enjoy such sheets anyway, so I'll just be happy with the cheap ones on the daybed (not like the CFO...I mean, gonna shell out for such sheets on multiple beds even if she did go all 500-count on me)
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As one of the previous commenters, I do want to mebtion I didn't feel that you were slamming porn...just pointing out that a lot of women think if men watch it, the always want IRL what they see onscreen and I don't think that's the case most of the time. I watch a lot of things specifically because they aren't anything my wife would do or because they are things she doesn't do often. Porn is basically my fill in when we aren't having sex with each other. For that reason I don't feel a need for her to watch with me. However, given that I write erotica under another online name, I do wish she'd read my On the other hand, it wouldn't bother me a bit if she did watch with me
Toggle Commented Mar 1, 2011 on Pornography - Disclaimer at BloggingDangerously
To me, porn is entertainment, and a supplement to the wife. I mean, I don't want the police force to do things by the Bruce Willis "Die Hard" or Mel Gibson "Lethal Weapon" playbook, but it sure it fun to watch on screen. Honestly, damn near 100% of men watch or have watched porn, and I think very few of them want their women trying to emulate the on-screen antics (except maybe for some bi-curious three-way action). A lot of those positions kind of require the guy to work harder than is absolutely necessary or desirable...
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