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thank you emma! that number is all i need!
ulla, thank you for letting me know...the html code for linking in typepad isn't working properly, so hopefully the button that i've added will help!
oh, kirsten. this brought a tear to my eye. such beautiful words. about someone who sounds so incredibly lovely. i'm so very sorry. i'll be thinking of you. and sending lots of warm wishes your way x
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i, too, adore the 'you are loved' and 'i love you more than all the stars' decals...also the fawn and the swallows...and well, all of them, really! for new ideas, what about a different type of bird, a robin perhaps? or something else, tiny and delicate. maybe a sweet bunny with a ribbon on her collar and a tree stump by her side? i also love the idea of an owl with a nest on a branch. perfect for a little boy's room. anything inspired by nature always works, i think. and all of the ideas above? wow! amazing, love them all!
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Mar 15, 2010
happy birthday :) what a sweet giveaway you are having, and what a beautiful quilt your mum has made for you! congrats on the 1000 sales, too :)
Toggle Commented Oct 16, 2009 on birthday give-away at tiny happy
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i *love* it! those colors + prints, so sweet :) i want to make one! i'd have to hang it above our bed, since that's the largest wall space we have, too...and if it's hung there, maybe it will remind me that ella's days of getting up at 3 am won't last forever :) i'm so sorry to hear about what you and your husband are dealing with and am sending lots of warm wishes and positive thoughts your way...
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hmm...i think i have to go with 'most horrendous outfit'...which would be the uniform i had to wear on my first day of school ever...a brown pinafore, yellow short sleeved shirt, yellow and brown striped tie, brown tights, brown shoes and a brown and yellow school-issued lunch bag slung over my shoulder. i was only four and my mum had to pull the comb through my very curly hair so much that it stood completely on end, all around my head in a huge frizzy mess. i cried and cried until my face turned purple...and then my mum took a photo. i remember it like it was yesterday!
sounds awful :( but so glad you are slowly feeling better...
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