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Dawn Bailey
Interests: Four Major Types of Essay Writing In academic writing, the essay writing style is one of the most common styles. An essay is, in general, a literary composition that present the author's viewpoint, but sometimes the meaning is very vague, encompassing those of a report, a brief paper, an essay, an article, a novel, and even a short story. Essays are historically always informal and academic in nature. The word essay originated from the middle English verb 'to essay,' which means 'to write.' The essay has become deeply rooted as a term meaning both 'a written treatise' and 'a written work.' The essay writing style can be categorized in various ways, depending upon the audience and the topic of the essay writing. One of the most common styles of essay writing is called the polemic essay, which is a detailed and polemic treatment of a given issue or a given thesis. Some examples of polemic essays include Treatise on Criticism and essay writing on the subject of religion. The introduction and the conclusion of the essay form the polemic portion, while the body of the essay provides the supporting details and conclusions. The polemic essay uses strong arguments and an impressive display of literary devices and diction to support its viewpoint. The closing paragraph of the essay offers a summary of the arguments presented in the essay and concludes with a conclusion as well. The other four major types of essays are the narrative essay, the argumentative essay, the descriptive essay, and the analytical essay. In a narrative essay, the writer utilizes personal experience or observation to support a claim. The person's voice is usually that of the narrator, though this may not always be the case. Argumentative essays use either literary devices or highly personal insights to support a position.
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