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The Exorcist
Interests: Casting demons from the souls of the possessed.
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"When historians write the record of incompetence and corruption that has permeated the Bush presidency from 9/11 through Katrina and Iraq, I shudder to think how future generations will judge the American people"--J. Carr That's one of the basic differences between liberals and conservatives. Liberals run around worrying about what the rest of the world, now and in the future, might think of us. Conservatives just do the dirty work of protecting the American people and if other countries don't appreciate that, they're welcome to succumb to radical Islam without our help. Historians will paint a much fairer and clearer picture of Bush than the current left-wing media does. Of course, thousands more infidels will have to die along the way, but Bush was absolutely right to remove Hussein and history will reflect that accordingly.
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