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I commonly root for the villain, these days. I sat down one day and did the math on extrapolating and deconstructing the politics in Star Wars and realized I was actually more in favor of the Galactic Empire. Had the succession just fallen to Vader, the Empire would fallen on the shoulders of an intelligent, just ruler. The infrastructure was already in place, and they have a considerably more egalitarian society that is not limited due to an ancient religions assumed oligarchy and superstitious aversion to progress and dedication to a caste-system.
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Mar 5, 2012
You run your own, let's call it "brand" of e-books called Crimedog Books. As the shuffle away from paper as the primary means of distribution for novels evolves and more and more people are just self-publishing their ebooks, do you think "branding" has a role to play in culling the herd, so to speak?
A book a year is pretty good already. Wish I could boast such. Maybe soon. Maybe.
Hey, how'd they get their Kindlefires before I did? #thisstinksthisistotalBS No, all joaks to the side, this looks legit. I'll hawk these guys on BB.
Way to go, Smith. I'll eat an Ed's chili burger in the 'Goula this weekend just for you.
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Apr 29, 2011