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Primate that dapples in writing when not picking others' fleas or flinging its own poop.
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"We can deal with words, yes we can." *clap*clap*clap* on that sentiment. My blog posts are consistently lengthy, but whereas I'm probably just enabling my babbling, the lengthy posts written by others that I enjoy reading are driven by substance. The brief ones tend to sound cranked out and fluffy, bearing little takeaway value for me personally. A second round of applause now for The World's Strongest Librarian! I've only recently discovered Josh's blog and am thoroughly enjoying it, as I just did his interview here. An engaging voice, and I look forward to reading his book, which is on its way to my doorstep :) This blog is likewise a new discovery for me--will be following it as a writing resource. Thank you for the insights!
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May 5, 2010