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As a Canadian and having watched the leadership debacle of the crack infused mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford I can't help see the similarities to Donald Trump. In Trumps case he is addicted to narcissism and as you point out Simon, thrives on paranoia, cynicism, and mistrust. What was most interesting about Fords journey was looking at who was passionate about his "cause" and why. It was the blue collar, going against the grain citizen who like Trumps followers have had enough of being "shafted by the man" so to speak. The driver at the outset, as it appears to be with Trump, was that outsider status (Ford is a millionaire businessman as well) but soon morphed to a pack mentality that simply became passionate about winning at any cost, even is the cost resulted in less. Ford was really only stopped by an aggressive cancer that caused him to step down, but the underlying cancer of our communities still exists. To arrest this cancer that is permeating so much of our culture requires a prescription of Simon. Stop focusing on WHAT we can do to get our pound of flesh, and HOW we are going inflict the most damage and start with the WHY. We need someone to present the idea that begins with the question of uncovering or rediscovering what we are genuinely passionate about and how we can invest in each other to find the gold in ourselves and each other. A passion rooted in relationships rallying together, like post 9/11, will create a space to move from intractable positions to underlying needs desires, concerns and fears. Trust is in short supply these days and a healthy conflict management system, personally and organizationally is the prescription to building trust both here in Canada and the United States!
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Mar 11, 2016