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Glad to see that good cocktails are making their way to my ancestral drinking grounds. Growing up in Buffalo meant turning 19 and driving over the border with your friends to drink "Electric Lemonades," "Neon Yellow Martinis" and other ill-conceived beverages in Niagara Falls. I only wish that younger me had stumbled upon beautiful drinks like the Negroni sooner!
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Ahh, I've become a fan of Pachanga Patterson since they moved into the hood a couple of years ago- [but I do miss the Himalayan tea house, such good dumplings]-always good to see that they're supporting the pretty lively homebrewing scene in Astoria. I have a kit and have been pondering a probably ill-conceived juniper beer. Just might be the thing to inspire me to get in on it.
Nice writeup on tonics. If I'm going on the more inexpensive end, I find Schweppes, Canada Dry and Polar almost to be interchangeably acceptable. Have you been able to try some of the Liber & Co or Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. tonic syrups? There's an impressive amount of range among them right now. I find that a lot of the ones I prefer seem to be not far off the Morganthaler formula for homemade tonic. Cheers, Aaron a.k.a. The Gin is In
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Aug 21, 2012