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keep a tight lid on language? not sure about that, but we definitely should keep trying to get better command of language, particularly where we holding professional discussions about education and literacy. @Giustini you may be onto something when you write that "there are others critiquing the use of the term without looking at the literature, without so much as listening to the many available lectures on the topic strewn across the internet." much of the literature on this topic and related conversations just misses the mark. it's convoluted. it seems the authors are often underinformed, lack the ability to structure their writing to remain concise and stay on topic, or (yikes) both. it's like Dylan says: "i'll know my song well before i start singing." i've read a lot lately about transliteracy, metaliteracies, contextual learning, metacognition, learning styles, etc. yet, too often, it seems the authors have not completely grasped the natural contrasts among those subjects. they are linked, but they are not the same. the effect is that i tend to feel handcuffed when i want to join the conversation and contribute to discussion. it also reminds us why we've subscribed to the same rules of authority for as long as we have.
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Dec 22, 2010