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Adam Gonsiewski
Born and bred a Philly sports fan
Interests: Flyers, Phillies, Eagles, playing hockey and baseball, racquetball, having a good time
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In terms of turnovers and sloppy play in the defensive zone, the Flyers really need Pronger back. His outlet passes are usually spot-on, and it means both O'Donnell and Boynton (or Gustafsson) don't have to play.
Toggle Commented Mar 19, 2011 on Flyers' Schedule Only Gets Tougher at Crossing Broad
@helloboys Thanks! You are right on that.
Toggle Commented Mar 18, 2011 on Flyers' Schedule Only Gets Tougher at Crossing Broad
Leighton is only in net because Bobrovsky and Boucher were each pulled in their last start. This is the perfect time to give Leighton a chance to play and possibly stop a losing streak. My take: Just play Bobrovsky.
Eric: Reason being, even if the Flyers finish second in the NHL in total points to the Pittsburgh Penguins, because they are in the same division, the Flyers would be fourth in the conference and fall into the dreaded 4-5 matchup. The Flyers DONT want to be fourth...division leaders take the top three conference seeds.
Dan: I would agree in trading Leighton if there is a taker. Boosh is also a lesser cap hit, and his contract expires this year, giving them more flexibility for next year. Mike: There was a time I believe the Flyers had three healthy goalies on the roster, but there were several different goalies to dress (LOL Jeremy Duchesne). I remember rotating in and out healthy scratches and rotating nets in practice.
For some reason I just don't think the Flyers will bury Leighton or Boucher in the minors. I think if the Flyers will trade or waive one of Boosh/Leighton out of fairness for the player to give them a chance to find an NHL job. The Flyers rotated three goalies the same way last year without sending one to the Phantoms. Both Leighton and Boucher are solid backup goalies. In my opinion, neither is cut out to be a regular NHL starting goaltender. Both were forced into that role at certain points last year, but that doesn't necessarily mean that either would be decent starting goalies over the course of an entire (60+ games) season.
Whoa completely my bad guys - simply a typo. I apologize.
I think that with the loss of Ian Laperriere you could use someone like Guerin to take his place. Sean O'Donnell will help with the veteran leadership aspect too. You seem to be forgetting that when the Flyers traded Gagne, they traded their assistant captain and longest tenured player, which isn't easily replaceable. Aaron Asham was also well respected in the locker room. I just don't think you can ever have too much veteran leadership, and Andreas Nodl doesn't seem to have a future in the NHL in my opinion. He's at best a fourth line player.
Wow, lavy just announced that bobrovsky is in net tonight. I like the move but am very surprised!
The Flyers start the 2010-2011 campaign tonight against the Penguins in the first ever NHL regular season game at the Consol Energy Center. Below is a brief season preview, as well as some notable Flyers news from the past couple of days. First, Ian Laperriere will miss the entire season. Even more concerning is that, soon to be only age 37, he is considering retirement. Although he is not young by many standards, this would be another case of concussions ending a player's career too soon (see Keith Primeau). Lappy told CSN that he would only return to play if... Continue reading
Posted Oct 7, 2010 at Crossing Broad
Kyle, the only possible change is the black nameplate. It's possible they simply put black letters onto the white jersey on the back instead of the winter classic white on black.
Our next weekly roundtable discussion thing should be about this gnome. Nothing else.
Sounds good Dewey, I'll see you then. In the meantime, could you send me a copy of your recent novels or magazine articles? I'm dying to read them. By the way, Professor Dewey, did you want me to use MLA or APA formatting for my articles? 2010 internet blogging style is clearly below your comprehensive level, so I guess I should get up to par. Thanks in advance for the advice.
Thanks Gonzo! Do you know if I could get a file or copy of the clip anywhere? I just checked his website but didn't find anything.
Yeah because we chant crosby sucks were terrible fans...that makes zero sense. Think before you type. Oh yeah...crosby sucks.
The ones Matt just put up are definitely fakes, and funny. The original post is the real one, though I haven't seen it with my own two eyes and I'm no expert in billboardology.
Toggle Commented May 3, 2010 on This is Why Boston Sucks at Crossing Broad
Haha! My roommate said "Never date a Boston fan. Even if she shaves her moustache, its not the worst of your problems."
Toggle Commented May 3, 2010 on This is Why Boston Sucks at Crossing Broad
Please bring Franzke and LA to TV
It makes me uncomfortable when Wheeler speaks at all. I'm also pissed that Wheeler is going to talk about Heyward all year like he did Coghlan in 2009. And what was up with those lines he drew for Madson's pitches on the home runs? They were terrible!
Toggle Commented Apr 21, 2010 on Chris Wheeler is in a Meat Locker at Crossing Broad
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