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On the issue of reporting cheaters to Support via the Cheater form, Support asked me to provide the cheater in the National Fairs User ID.. Would you kindly let the players know how to do this? there is no way that I can see, that you can retrieve the user ID of the player in constant first place with a Score that is so high, it cannot even be correctly registered by the game, the infamous Minus One score. Why are the cheater farms, with multiple Water towers, Barns, Fertiliser sheds etc etc, still there after having been reported year after year?? Why do Zynga programmers not run a program deleting farms that have multiple water towers?
Why can we no longer delete inactive or cheater neighbours.? The Hide feature is useless. You still end up with a full neighbour bar, a full hidden neighbour list of people who stopped playing years ago, or died. It means you cannot add new people who actually play and need neighbours. It is a shame for new players, asking to be your neighbour, and you have to say, nope sorry, I have about 150 none playing neighbours taking up places..
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Oct 22, 2018