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Global virtual network Internet today is an informative field, which provides us with not only information but also communication. We can not just look for the most current collection of data, which can be social or cultural value, but one that makes our reality is more attractive and interesting. Since the Internet - is at the same time and space to engage with those who are pleasing to us. Numerous avenues of communication that offers us the Internet, provide an opportunity to communicate as quite a few personalities at once to the same extent and with each specific user in particular. And in order to it has become feasible, requires Russian icq on your computer. icq or im, it's really an extraordinary ability to communicate with one or a few friends in the state of the real-time, forward information, as well, and documents, and all sorts else. In this case, the program itself takes a minimum of resources, personal computer, essentially invisible, and provides an opportunity to interact with what you want other programs to waiting the arrival of a specific person with whom you plan to interview. Icq traditional in many respects similar to the e-mail, because it really leave a message, even if the recipient is not online. And yet leading her advantage - it is an opportunity to make direct contact, without going to the forums site or in multiplayer chat. Complete secret message transmission rate and various other functions could make a list of icq is extremely attractive on-line programs for communication. Moreover, compared with most applications for communication, Asya is fully open. To icq lite download for your computer, you only need to go to a specific site and download the most recent version of the program. Then on the same resource actually find advice... Continue reading
Posted Jan 30, 2011 at The Hot Plate
NetFlow - network protocol developed by Cisco, works based on Cisco ios, and is designed to gather information about traffic within the network. NetFlow is a proprietary but supported platforms other than Cisco ios, such as Juniper routers or OpenBSD / FreeBSD. Cisco routers enabled NetFlow, generate netflow records. These packages are exported to the router for udp (User Datagram Protocol) or a transfer protocol with flow control sctp (Stream Control Transmission Protocol), and stored using a netflow collector. Other vendors have similar functions in their routers, but with different names: Jflow or cflowd for Juniper NetworksNetStream for Huawei TechnologyCflowd for Alcatel- original protocol is Cisco Systems, NetFlow was published as a standard IETF: Internet Protocol Flow Information eXport (IPFIX). ipfix is based on the realization of Netflow v9 (RFC 3954). You can find more information in mywebsearch. Many suppliers of network equipment has already been added ipfix support to their devices. Introduced with the launch equipment Cisco asa 5580 Series, Registration Events Security NetFlow uses templates and fields Netflow v9, for the effective delivery of telemetry security high-performance environments. The scale of NetFlow Security Event Logging is significantly higher than syslogd, offering the same level and degree of detail for recorded events. Network flow (network flow) was determined in various ways. Continue reading
Posted Jan 30, 2011 at The Hot Plate
This component is used to input data into the program for further processing. It has a very important value while it is one of the most frequently used components and not only in language Delphi, and absolutely in all programming languages for any operating system.V article I will tell about the basic properties and methods of this component, in addition are various techniques for working with him. The most basic and frequently used property is TEdit.Text - it contains the user input, and Owned by this property is read the input data for use in computational processes. When working with this property must always keep check its value in a conditional statement if then else on the contents of the invalid characters. Sometimes you need is to programmatically select the contents of the component TEdit, and now I will give an example of the algorithm allows realzovat this technique. First we need to set the property autoselect TEdit component to false. We realize the code execution to the method onClick, and when you click on the text box of its contents will be allocated. Program listing: Edit1.SelStart: = 1; / / property establishes a character with whom you want to highlight Edit1.SelLength: = 4; / / This property sets the length of the allocated text Edit1.SetFocus; / / Set the focus on Edit1. Continue reading
Posted Jan 30, 2011 at The Hot Plate
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