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I have a problem with H2@scale, quite simply I believe that it is the wrong approach. Hydrogen on board the EV or on-site in the case of Off-grid houses. HyPulJet.2.0 is being assessed by a UK University to validate the engine in order that the development of the prototype engine and adapt a four wheel drive vehicle to EV as a Proof of Concept EV. There are three UK Patent Applications covering the engine-generator, the original Patent Application was voided by the USPTO because someone else had made two previous filings using the GB 14 number assigned to my Ro Engine. Even though one filing was dated Sept 2013 USPTO did not investigate why someone would enter a date of filing 4 months before 2014 when GB 14 numbers were assigned. The 2nd filing had two names on it My name and the name of another person, USPTO would not provide any information. When I filed a Freedom of Information Request, I was lied to by the Legal department, its a long story. Message to the DOE "There is innovation being forced through because government funding is stifled and so it will be Crowd funding, these instances of innovation will not need H2 infrastructure. Mine may well be the first but when people see there are ways around the issues I expect more people to look for different ways. DOE you will also find a mention of HyPulJet,2.0 in messages to the White House and the President.
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Sep 11, 2016