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Seth Godin is brilliant. The grateful dead used this model to create one of the most powerful fan driven ecosystems of its time. When labels were forcing their acts to not record their shows, these guys were encouraging fans to tape shows and trade tapes. This direct to fan model works, and the grateful dead (who collected physical addresses and sent newsletters to engage their fans) and countless others have proved it works. Create great content, engage your fans, give your fans free content to spread and create a infrastructure to make it easy to communicate directly with your fans. Don't expect the labels to do it for you! Engage and own the relationship and cut out the middle man. It's not just about the buck you make on a song, but the fan relationship that you can monetize to deliver merch, shows, whatever you can think of that fans will pay once you have created the ecosystem. Thanks Seth and Ariel for creating such great content. Cal Matthews
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Mar 11, 2012