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Hi Art, Yes: those abilities to find anyone are described at as 194. For the same reason, again, any one in the spiritual world who intensely desires the presence of another comes into his presence, for he thereby sees him in thought, and puts himself in his state; and conversely, one is separated from another so far as he is averse to him. And since all aversion comes from contrariety of affection and from disagreement of thought, whenever in that world several are together in one place they are visible [to one another] so long as they agree, but vanish as soon as they disagree. You say, "Whatever you think about, that is what you see." So we have next to consider what it is which determines what we do think about! And that thing is love and states of love. Such states of love cannot be arbitrarily taken on or put off, because they depend on our whole previous life. Varying thinking is easy, but varying our loves is not.
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They say "Our Time here on the Other Side is completely not relevant to your Time there. This is where the worlds disconnect.", and you comment "But if past, present and future are all wrapped up in a simultaneous sort of being, how does that fit with past lives?". On the 'other side' they say there is "no time". But there are certainly before and after, one thing and then another, a life review and then thinking about the life review, etc. None of these successions would be even possible if the time there was "a simultaneous sort of being"! I think the general theory should be that, rather, the spiritual beings have 'succession of states', but no 'clock' or 'regular' time like the physical world. There is no fixed number of things that can be done between any two events: 'spiritual time' is very flexible (and varies a lot according to states of love, etc). There is some exposition of this at
Toggle Commented Mar 18, 2014 on What’s It Like On the Other Side? at Paranormalia
Amos says "I am at a loss to know how that belief or new fact changes anything for me in any way. I still feel the same. I still eat, sleep, and move through my daily routines" My reply: Our lives are only changed systematically if we accept something as 'unconditionally good'. That might be afterlife, or God, or creativity, or something in us perceived to be above nature. Whatever it is, deciding to accept it gives us a reference point in life. It has to be more than a purely 'academic' belief!
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