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Thanks for being classy enough not to post a link to that obnoxious fuck's "review." I'm sure that his paper is loving the traffic that his tantrums are driving to their site.
Looking at all of his top ten lists from 1997 to 2006 is even better. It's a mixture of really good stuff and crazy Armond stuff, but the kicker is that every single film that Spielberg made during that time period is included. All of 'em. Yes, even The Lost World and The Terminal.
Toggle Commented Mar 11, 2010 on It's not an animal... at Some Came Running
"This... misanthrope, as abject a failure as we've a potentially repellent walking contradiction, an emotional porcupine who uses what he perceives as brutal honesty in order to perpetuate a big lie..." Omigod, it's "The Armond White Story!" Maybe he'll love it?
Toggle Commented Mar 11, 2010 on "Greenberg" at Some Came Running
And the Oscar for "most senselessly over-confident douchebag who swore up and down that Iron Man would tank, Transformers would clean up at the Oscars, and there was absolutely no way Avatar would lose best pic because he talked to *a lot* of Academy voters" goes to... Between Don Murphy proving what an idiot he is again, and Wells' promise to accost waitresses, that win made up for the rest of the shitty night.
What a fucking waste of time that Actor blowfest was.
Other than Michael Giacchino, this has to be the worst Oscars ever -- and I hate when people say stuff like that. Horrible silly wins, obnoxious speeches, unfunny "comedy," ridiculous interpretive dance, fucking over the honorary winners. What's next?
Clooney is obnoxiously swatting cameramen away when Martin and Baldwin aren't even on stage.
How the fuck does a movie drawn on a computer win for best cinematography over The White Ribbon?
Wouldn't it be cool if they invented a TV that automatically went on mute whenever Mo'nique spoke?
I have no love for Precious, but I would have loved to have seen the look on Reitman's face just now!
I could listen to Carey Mulligan talk all day.
What's up with the George Clooney is a humorless douchebag schtick? He was doing it with the interviewers before the show, and I'm not sure it's an act.
That HE post is pretty hilarious. I can't imagine how he doesn't see that the only reaction of those girls is going to be "some crazy old fucker showed up at the restaurant and tried to 'interview' us about not knowing about some movie he likes -- then insisted we give him a fork for the cake in his pocket." Speaking of which, don't mention Wells' age. He's either 61 or 62, and doesn't want anybody to know that. Every time I've made even a passing reference to his age in a post there, it has been deleted, and now I can't post there at all. He also deleted the online reference where I figured out his age. He's convinced that if he buys enough ridiculous shoes at Urban Outfitters, we'll all believe he's the über-hip, sophisticated, fortysomething, urban socialite that he clearly wants to be.
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