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The J Train
Interests: rock, roll, picking, grinning, loving, sinning
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Mar 15, 2010
You know, I'm honestly not sure if the usual talk radio assortment is on the air around here. Probably, but I've never sought it out. And I don't want to make it sound like the current anti-government Teabagger-type rhetoric hasn't made it to EKY at all. A large majority of us have cable or satellite TV, and Fox News is probably as popular here as it is anywhere, maybe more than most places. But there is a narrow band of the population that isn't engaged enough with the outside world to let current politics affect their attitudes, and I'm betting that Sparkman's murderer falls into that group.
You overlook the issue of the feet being on the ground and the rope was not taut around the neck. My hypothesis: his killers duct-taped him up, took him out to the tree to hang him, and learned that hanging somebody is a lot more work than they thought. So instead they just choked him to death with the rope. Plain and simple..... very few folks in that area have cable tv and have much less use for cnn, fox, msnbc, etc. The area he was found in, was a known haven for meth labs and it is most likely that he was judged to be an undercover informant, etc. The very first thing that any E.KY drug dealer is going to do with his drug money is go out and buy a great big television and a DirecTV satellite. (What did you think they were going to do with the money? Mutual funds?) This is a priority because a lot of Kentucky basketball games are on the various ESPNs these days. I'm sure some of them also discover Fox News.