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When I left home at 17, I made a list of stuff to do- I was going through an arty stage and kept a book of highlights of the month, so it went in there. Amongst them was to give up smoking, have some savings, to stop buying unnecessary clothes from Rocket in Rochester High Street, to be married, to own my home, to have a career, and to not be reliant on anyone. All by 30. I am 30 on the 10th of next month. I still am not married. I have the grand sum of £5 in my personal account. Whilst I no longer buy stuff from Rocket in Rochester, I buy other unnecessary (but kick ass) stuff from EBay. I am renting a pit which I do not own and have no career to speak of. I gave up smoking though. But discovered gin. However, all is not bad. I met Ed and we are together after 12 years, despite my being engaged to someone else at the time (that's how desperate I was to be married). I left the things which made me miserable behind- like my family, the town I grew up in and a disastrous and frankly boring career in retail. I may not have everything I wanted, but I'm pretty happy with how its turned out! And the only person I am reliant on is me.
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Jan 16, 2012