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Jurgen, Good points. I think cross-functional teams, like many things, are a trend caused by good ideas that grew too far.
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Wow. An awesome story. Trust is a two way street, but unfortunately know one is willing to start down the road for fear no one will be at the end.
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I agree with Dan. It seems like a lot of this stems from the defensive nature of leaders. I think the competitive nature of moving up in organizations causes a lot of this. Leaders almost have to fight to attain power, as such they're defensive and don't want to lose power. It's be interesting to study the difference in defensiveness and mum effect in hierarchy and non-hierarchy (Gore & Associates) type organizations.
Congrats on post 400. You couldn't have gotten the hits you do without useful stuff.
Toggle Commented May 27, 2010 on Blog Post #400 at The Creative Networker | NOOP.NL
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Great explanation of servant leadership.
Toggle Commented May 19, 2010 on Real Leaders Serve at Re:Focus
Do you think these two ways are just the evolution of Theory X and Theory Y?
Great ideas. I think most of the people who are labelled bad leaders are label so because they aren't honest about 1 or 2. As a result, followers arrive at the outcome and are disappointed.
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Great study. One more reason to forgive. Thanks for sharing.
Great post John. I'm a huge fan of flow and the application of positive psychology to the workplace.
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I think 360 is a useful tool, but if manager's only respond to anonymous 360 feedback programs, you've got a much bigger problem on your hands.
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Best. Study. Ever.
Love Pink's work. However, I've never thought of his motivation recipe as a replacement for empowerment. Rather it appeals to me as a three=pronged method of empowerment.
Just filled out the survey. Looking forward to the results.
Kind of fun knowing the backstory behind the post. I totally agree. In fact, most of the people who commented are those I am beginning to grow these same relationships with. It's amazing what technology does.
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What do you think of the folks at 37Signals new assertion that "planning is guessing."
I absolutely love this book. I think anyone who has read it is like a member of a secret society, with knowledge that others don't have.
Great post. I've been using their format as the beginning of my own annual personal retreat for several years now. It's a great exercise.
Toggle Commented Apr 22, 2010 on Developing Your Professional Vision at Ed Batista
I wonder if there is a sweet spot of teamwork though. If teamwork brings creativity but too much tension negates creativity, is there a Laffer-curve-esque chart to help guide. Interesting stuff.
Toggle Commented Apr 14, 2010 on Why Teams? at Mountain State University LeaderTalk
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I think you're viewing multi-tasking wrong. Having multiple projects going at the same time is not multi-tasking, it's life. Multi-tasking is trying to write, while delivering a webinar and clipping your toenails at the same time. The opponents of this type of multi-tasking argue that it's bad because you can only truly focus on one thing at a time, not three. So you'll probably clip your toenails too short. However, focusing on one project for 30 minutes to an hour and then switching isn't the same.
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Great list. Thanks for tipping me off.
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Still amazes me that people think they can fake their way around truth.
Toggle Commented Apr 6, 2010 on Leadership Skills: Truth at Get Me Jamie Notter
Great point on practice. Oh, and that axe is killer.
I think all bias is hidden. Once we're aware of our biases they can be counteracted. (They'll still exist but won't be as powerful).
Toggle Commented Mar 10, 2010 on Hidden Bias at Mountain State University LeaderTalk
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