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I identify as genderqueer, androgyne, and genderfluid. What all those mean for me, though, is ever shifting. Although I recognise that gender is NOT in fact a spectrum going from female to male on the ends, I still feel like I am "somewhere in between the two" as far as my own gender is concerned, rather than some third gender. That's where the androgyne comes in, since it contains elements of maleness and femaleness. The genderfluid portion is mainly a reference to how I present which can vary from ultra butch to ultra fem/me pretty regularly. And I'm never entirely sure what I really am, which makes it hard to demand respect for people about my identity. Like, "How can we respect your gender if you don't even know what it is?" I dunno.
So, I actually found this podcast (and your website) through watching The Guild and I first read that little intro bit on your old website, then travelled over to typepad and now I'm here. So do you use GarageBand to edit? I know you mentioned GarageBand sound effects at the end of the episode, so... I've been dicking around with Garage Band--reading some stories out loud as if I were a podcaster and playing around with edits. So, your interview with Felicia was awesome, so thanks for doing that. You rock. (Although your character in the Guild is an asshole. But a pretty rockin' asshole. Hm.) Also, because I never saw Star Trek, you will always be Fawkes to me. I don't know if that's bad or good. You tell me.
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Jul 21, 2010