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I am a fan indeed. There's no stopping that. The only Beatle who's career doesn't impress me is Ringo Starr (I like his humor, but his drumming was rudimentary and his singing style far too melancholy for me at times). I was grateful that President Obama mentioned The Beatles as a whole toward achieving the great influence Paul was being honored for, and that he also mentioned John Lennon specifically. But he did label Paul McCartney "the most successful songwriter in history." The truth is, by whatever standards that was based on (I'm not saying it isn't factual, just that I don't know the yard stick), it's relatively true that John's commercial prowess didn't live up to Paul's. I've never contested that. Beatle, Wing man, or just plain Paul - Sir Macca has always been the "turn to boy" when it came to knowing how to keep the times. Great article, Julie.
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Jun 7, 2010