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In regards to replacing the 'Democrat / Republican duopoly', you can't. The duopoly has carefully passed laws in many jurisdictions that block other parties from getting on the ballot, and if you can't get on the ballot, you can't compete. Every time some American points to the United States as a shining beacon of democracy I shudder. Doublespeak lives.
Apple's IWork Pages has some nice features. For blog posts MacJournal is pretty good, it integrates with Word Press (what I use on StoryMill is a lot like Scrivener. Celtx is good for scripts (at least it looks good, I've never written a script). It all comes down to what you are comfortable with. My mother-in-law is a Poet Laureate, she has been using Word Perfect for years, and won't use anything else. I know a lot of people who use Open Office. Open Office has the advantage of working the same whether you run a Windows, OSX, Linux, Solaris, or BSD operating system. What I don't know is anyone who is using Microsoft Office, except those who have an old copy that they can make work on a newer copy of Windows. Office is too expensive for what it delivers. One last comment - I strongly recommend anyone who is writing professionally to avoid using Windows. You are far better off using Max OSX or some version of Linux, because when the inevitable Windows crash occurs you will loose valuable time. Charles de Lint had his computer blow up a while back, and lost two or three days of production. This is common with Windows. The question is can you afford to loose time like this? Of course you should be backing up regularly anyway, and you really should have a spare computer, but avoiding Microsoft's known quality issues is a good idea. Wayne aka The Mad Hatter
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Laurie, What about those of use who don't attach that information to our products, and don't intend to? Wayne
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Jan 4, 2010