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Don't options 1 and 2 have difficulties with parallax? When super resolution images are captured you try to have a common nodal point, as I understand it, that might be tricky in a flat panel. I'd really like practical large format sized sensors. Perhaps there's some flat panel display technology that can be run "in reverse", in the way a CRT can be used as a scanning tube? - Steve
Surprised noone has mentioned that the Nikons since the F3 were designed by Giugiaro, who's rather more famous for his car designs, which explains the family look. I love both cameras and cars (aesthetically), but I think ugliness is a problem in many current designs. Part of the problem, at least in Europe, is the pedestrian safety regulations, it's got to be pretty hard for companies to design a nose that meets them, so it's not surprising that manufacturers reuse designs. - Steve
So, I don't quite follow how this methodology let's you compare lenses between formats. It's clearly a great way to compare different lenses on (say) different 135 cameras, but if you compare your G1 and 5x4 at the same diffstance for the same focal length, then how do you compare resolution at the same LPM? The difference is that there's a lot more M in the 5x4.
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Feb 7, 2010