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I would build a hippy commune for people 45 and up in the Yucatan. I would give half for Adult Stem Cell Procedural Facilities to be built in hospitals across the country.
Toggle Commented Mar 30, 2012 on Lotto Fever! at Monica Crowley
When you consider "PARTY bias" being the main problem to the progress of our legislative and judicial branches, how do you fix the problem? Opinions are a reflection of politicians themselves and the people who follow them. One party wins leaving half of the voters out of Democracy for an entire term. In order to solve the way our issue's are handled to fit the needs of society does a person protest or civilly challenge congress in court? The people who are hurt the worst are the people who fall through the cracks and are never able to take a stand for themselves. The way the Government is set up, it looks like people are out of the loop, even though we are "By the people and for the people"- Democracy is poorly used in this Democracy, yet we set the example for the world to follow? I don't see a peaceful solution to solve the way issue's are handled without physical action, and/or people realizing being democrat or republican is the problem- not the solution. So I fly my protest sign on the Mall in DC on May 1st, and look like an idiot while I help to feed the fire of others who want to debate issue's rather than how the issue's are handled? I also attract the politicians who want to put a hit on me as I stand my ground. Is it worth my life to take this stand, no. IS it worth the lives of those I care about, ABSOFUCKINLUTLY! (please forgive my anger) I choose the name of my Protest for Political and Congressional Reform "The American Spring" because the alternative to my peaceful solution to solving the way issues are handled is better than facing divided arguments in front of the capital that can boil to a civil war and a military coup. Sorry but I have zero sympathy for the "Tall Dog" Washington Elitist's who think that people choose a lifestyle or think that Washington needs to force anything on anyone. The real world is not what the media show them. The iPhone commercial paints a pretty picture that makes people think everything is okay, when the real world smells, and lack enough resources to go around. I have been a very wealthy man and a very poor man. I know both sides of this story and political bias is the reason our species suffers globally. Democracy is the answer but democracy has not evolved in a responsible direction for America and the rest of the world. Have a fantastic day!
Toggle Commented Mar 29, 2012 on A Festival of Left-wing Bias at Monica Crowley
MS Crowley, I appreciate your Title and your intuitive insight. I give the same warning back to our backward thinking, slow to progress, politically broken United States Congress, White House, and Supreme Court. I'm glad you have this. If you like to read, I am about to lay something on you. This is heavy. All of Washington should get an evaluation/ efficiency exam from Social Networking and Information Communication Experts. We need Washington to fit the needs of the American VOTERS- taking control of how the issues are handled and voted on based on the Entire Respective Representatives Constituency, not just the elected "Party"- contradicting "Democracy". Why? If a state is split on the elected official only half of the state is represented during a vote in the Halls of Congress on single issues which could swing based on the Bill... Sorry, had to let that out... Back to the issue you pointed out... It doesn't matter what side of the isle the idea originated to mandate, regulate, ration, or restrict consumer goods, products or services. At this point, it's Unconstitutional for our Government to FORCE Consumption or any kind. States have a choice about Fluoride etc. Regulation of Products and services has happened to us on occasion with water rationing... So how do you draw a fine line between Mandate and Restriction? There you will find the answer to almost every issue America faces and Americans should be the ones to define the answer and law- not a politically driven set of rules that benefits a single party. In the Information/Communication age "The People" do not need "Representation" for a vote in the Halls of Congress... "The People" would need "Representation" to funnel issue's for the "Representative's" individual constituents to vote on Respectively from a .gov profile- which should be a requirement to vote. Redefining "Constitutional" and "Democracy" will happen on your forum even if we don't see it in our life times. May 1st I will be on the Mall in DC with my sign that says "Reform Washington" "Reform Congress" and a t-shirt that says "American Spring". My reasons for being there are because of what lobbyists have done to influence congress and my future. In order to fix the corruption causing misguided legislation, we have to fix the way issues are handled. Have a fantastic day!
Toggle Commented Mar 28, 2012 on Tread Carefully at Monica Crowley
Thanks Monica, I know you are one of the few who actually see's the political game being played- It being the reason for the slow progress of America, and a direct assault on democracy itself. Obama was put into office with Oprah's money and hypnotized people from every race and social economic background. I'm ashamed to have thought he could back up his words. He has shown the Prestige of the office, but has not used it with a respectable work ethic. I believe his intentions may have been good, but he is naive to the needs of the people who voted him in office. His ethnic agenda was insulting from his choice of cabinet without choosing the most qualified people. The Responsibility of the office then moved to playing on the internet and avoiding the Legislation promised for transparency, reform, and regulation of corporate business rather than taxing the rich. I have come to the conclusion he was on fire while he gave speeches (improvising) and does not remember half of what he said. He made a lot of very good speeches, but could not follow through for us because he was naive enough to believe everyone would come together for him. Obama turned out to be a huge disappointment for the World. His Casual Swagger is insulting to the integrity of the office of President and America. I don't believe we have a single politician worthy of leading our country into the future including Obama. I believe Politics is what causes divides between people without knowing the full gamut of issues and philosophies behind respective parties. People choose a political side without knowing why other than they like or dislike a candidate or the incumbent. Most would not know what I just said. A real leader for America will influence people to bridge differences and remove politics from the equation. A real leader would lead with discipline from him/herself avoiding frivolous behavior. A real leader would not display weakness by showing his/her hand to a known felon of the global community. Obama is a lesson. The solution to Americas slow progress in Government is Reform. I won't claim to know all of the answers, but I do have a few suggestions. Reform to all branches of Government to fit our modern society, would be a good start. Thanks for your honesty and integrity! May we find a way to bridge the gapes politics has caused. Eliminate Lobbyists who try to control Legislation for Corp interests. Eliminate the need for Party control over Legislation and corp funding to campaigns. Politics is a dirty secret that everyone knows but no one talks about it. Be good to yourself! God Bless us all!
Toggle Commented Mar 27, 2012 on The ACTUAL Etch-A-Sketch Guy at Monica Crowley
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Mar 27, 2012