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I'm in too. My father struck me and my siblings, like he was by his father. I vowed this would end with me. And it has to this date. I strive to peaceful parenting too and try my best at non-violent communication. It's tough, I never had a role model for it, the books of Thomas Gordon and Aletha Solter help me tremendously. And of course my husband is My daughter is such a sweet sweet girl. She's almost 3 years old! She will walk to me and give me a rub on my leg, look up with those pretty brown eyes and say "wonderful person". With this very special affirming tone in her voice. She is the kindest person I know. That is her biggest sparkle. (one of many) It moves me to tears just typing this. She thinks I'm a wonderful person, even though I don't always think I am. Actually, most of the time I don't think I am. I've been taught to always be ready for my father to suddenly get mad about something, something I did or didn't do or didn't do good enough. The girl in the story... I know exactly how she must have felt. I'd rather die before I ever, EVER, cause my children feeling like that. I honor the sparkle!
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Feb 20, 2012