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Yes indeed - I've been remarking that 'social intranet' is an oxymoron to a mixed reception! I think we need to move on - an activity stream driven network is very different from a digital asset structured system of record.
Having learned from our mistakes, can we have America back to sort it out?
Toggle Commented May 31, 2010 on America in decline: a real bummer at Nine Shift
I think this gets fundamental if you start to think of how the social business synchs in with a more traditional internal communications approaches where employee engagement can be key. Add to this the need to align employee actions with business aims and you start to see how this knits together in an holistic fashion. At least potentially...The rub here is that many internal comms and PR teams worry that employees will say the wrong thing when it comes to crossing the internal external line. If this is spelled out to them in the way that the open model above describes, then these teams can get quite concerned. This makes the wider project more fraught at internal the political level...
Thanks for this Bill - exactly what I've been looking for!
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Feb 15, 2010