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Sep 19, 2010
Well, since Vox is closing, I thought I'd get myself a TypePad blog! >_< These companies keep failing! All right, they don't "keep" failing. At least Vox and Pownce had the decency to let us export our content. Utterz/Utterli just evaporated. Not cool. I always crossposted my stuff to other... Continue reading
Posted Sep 15, 2010 at Thepete Com's blog
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Sep 10, 2010
I think the fact that we even need to have this discussion speaks to the level of our general intelligence/common sense. Really? ALL books aren't good? OMG! The iPad isn't evil like my parents said my iPod, my computer, my video games, my walkman, my TV, my "rock n roll" music, my AM/FM radio, my 8-track, my HiFi set, and my gramophone all were before it? Are we still so reactionary and judgmental that anything new that comes along deserves our fist shaken at it? "iPad BAD!" We all know that tool is a tool is a tool, whether it be for entertainment, education or both. A hammer can smash brains in or it can be used to build houses for poor people (just ask Jimmy Carter--about the latter, not the former). Criticizing a tool for "making you stupid" is just lazy. It's a lack of intelligent, mentally stimulating content/conversation that does that. When I heard about Obama saying "put down your iPads" I was sooo disappointed. Really? The guy who promised "change" is prattling on about the latest "new fangled contraption" as though it was "poisoning today's youth?" In my mind, the only thing new here is Mr. Patterson's attitude that books are not perfect and that "the Gatekeeper" concept that has determined what media is produced, and what media is not, may not serve us as well as we've assumed all these years. I've heard this sentiment from other folks and share it, myself (and not just because I've gotten my share of rejection letters). So, let's just hope the people around the campfire are all coming from other campfires where diverse, intelligent people gathered to share information and not just LOLCats pics.
Toggle Commented May 14, 2010 on Are Books Bad For Us? at Robert Paterson's Weblog
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May 14, 2010