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LOL. I thought the same thing. CF had the whole "melting condoms" routine going, and gradually went bareback without ever really promoting it. MAP has made such a big deal about condom usage, however, that I'm not sure they could get away with it.
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Wrong. The German word for gay is "Schwul." There's even a Schwulesmuseum in Berlin.
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Maybe he agreed to compensate for his no-show with Bryan by doing a free solo scene, in hopes of getting some more work? lol
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$50K is a lot. I'm not sure there's a z-list celebrity worth this. My guess is that it's some reality show participant. If the person is wanting $50K, they'd likely take less. I'd say, he might be worth $10-15K. If he won't take that, skip it. For a lot less, I'd come help them make their videos more appealing to actual gay men. Like, stop the stupid talk Collin does during sex. He acts like some bimbo girl porn actress.
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It's not a rumor or a secret. He has talked about it openly in interviews.
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Aug 3, 2016