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Oh what a powerful story CACA! She hit rock bottom but still uses. "Don't emulate me"? But she has just created a million new cocaine users because her little monsters are more than willing to emulate her. They are that dumb. Hope the dealers thank CACA for the boost in their business.
I was letting all those hoes know who the queen was with my preggo fat belly hanging out of my pink shorts. That paps got me fixing my weave up good.
Of all the fine bitches in the world, he really chose a DOG. Lawlz.
Toggle Commented Jul 31, 2010 on Hood Happenings:Tiny Got Married! at The Tea
Even more reason for me to hate that piece of shit company.
Don't get me started on this bitch! She is full of FAIL. She sounds/moves like a retard. She has been on everyone's fucking remix. Sick of her. Does she even have an album out? Somehow she got people backing her like crazy. I'm not buying her stank ass pussuana. She need to proceed to the next window. Thank u.
Oh miss honey, miss honey, miss honey. Told her once. Told her twice... Hell, I told that bitch 4 times. This bitch was destined to flop from the giddyup. Her first single was alright. It almost hit the spot. Then she put the video out. Everybody did a *facepalm* after watching. They were embarrassed FOR her. Xtina is a Xunt and probably will remain to be one, because clearly she pressed PAUSE on her timeline and still thinks its 2005. I personally do not care for shit to be vulgar for no reason. This bitch thinks shes gonna put on a cat suit, have her usual shiteous make up on and she's gonna be hot and "cunt"roversial by kissing a girl. She's been there, done that... and no one cared then. (It was all about Brit/Madonna) To me, she has always come off aloof and fake. Most of her new CD was embarrassing to listen to. The lyrics were totally awful. Did her little son write for her? Gerl... please! M.I.A. the queen of NOISE said Xtina didn't want to do anything with the songs she gave her. She didn't put anything into it. Her face is empty, her record is empty, and pretty soon so will her bank account.
Now.... I thought I only had 2 reasons to not watch the view (Sherri and Elizabitch) but now Whoopi gives me a third. Three strikes bitch. I'm taking this show off my DVR. They're still ignoring the demanded apology on their stupid remarks regarding black men and AIDS. The View now has a clouded window. Joy Behar should just focus on her HLN show.
Toggle Commented Jul 14, 2010 on Whoopi Goes the "F" Off! at The Tea
This is such a sick attempt to redeem them ALL. Bristol and Levi will be the perfect picture of young parents who can work through their problems (will credit the grace of god and prayer, im sure) And Sarah will seem like the ever concerned/forgiving parent with all this mess. "Look at my daughter, she might be a whore but now she's really with her pimp" The Palins need to go jumo in the oiled water in the gulf. DRILL IT BITCH.
Toggle Commented Jul 14, 2010 on More Like "We're Getting Paid!" at The Tea
Since when is she Kimora Lee Simmon's little sister?
Toggle Commented Jul 12, 2010 on Her Milkshake is Old and Sour! at The Tea
The shit is an ugly ghetto fucking mess.
Toggle Commented Jul 10, 2010 on Ugly... at The Tea
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Jul 10, 2010