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I have always been a very ardent patron of my local libraries, and used to check books out from both of the systems I had available. I tend to subscribe to way too many newsletters and readers' groups but finally found a way to support my habit by becoming a reviewer, lol. I much prefer print books but I am afraid that I am rapidly running out of space, and I am much more likely to choose a book if I am able to read an excerpt and the blurb because I don't really pay attention to covers for the most part. I sorely miss being able to go to my local bookstore and browse through books because it is not always easy to get a feel for an author's style with what is available online. I do not think that e-books should be as expensive as the print books but I also wince when I see so many for free because it devalues the hard work that (usually) went into producing the story.
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Jan 28, 2016