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On a bright note, my beloved oldest daughter is home from BYU for Christmas and as she and I were catching up over breakfast at McDonald's, she told me that she had been to #WeForShe and had met a really smart woman there with whom she had exchanged some emails - Neylene, something like that, she wasn't quite sure how to pronounce it? (We're from Minnesota, where people have Lutheran names.) Anyhow, I was quite excited by the idea, knowing something of you, and I wanted to thank you for taking the time to mentor in some small way my bright, strong, and marvelous daughter. She'll say, wrongfully, that her dad raised her to be a feminist. In reality, she's had it in her all along, and while I'm pretty outspoken, her quiet but strong and independent mother has as much or more to do with who Kate is than I do. At any rate, thank you for taking time to encourage her. She very much took your remarks to heart and has enjoyed your correspondence. She is a miracle.
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Sigh. I wish I had read this post before I totally butchered this lesson in my own EQ a week or so ago. I tried to subtly advance my own view of equality and actually use some quotes from the manual, while not devolving into the standard "keep the dear sweet things barefoot and pregnant" trope. I failed miserably and left in a bit of a funk.
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Dec 29, 2014