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please put me on the list. i will be there. call me thank you
Toggle Commented Feb 21, 2012 on Classes with Amy & Kelly! at Paper Tales
Sorry you felt you needed to move from websters. your items made from the paper are insparing. im sure you will keep us on our toes all year with new. My fav. item from websters are they jornaling cards. it has the feel and look of the large paper but has great acent words or pictures. and they are so versatel. can use them in anything and everything.
Toggle Commented Jan 5, 2012 on a fond Farewell... at A Kiss on the Chic
i would love to get the list or a kit. let me know. thanks for sharing
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3 years later and you are doing amazingly. just hink of everything you have done. im happy for you and your family. Congratulations God has saved an amazing person. make it count
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Thank you for sharing the layouts. some great ones in there. i love all of the ribbin. Ill be looking back everyday to see everything else. and making sure my debit card is ready to go.
Toggle Commented Oct 10, 2011 on Happy Monday!! at A Kiss on the Chic
i know that day its the same for me today....what are your items that you used to make the tags...paper, stamps...ect. love them. thanks for sharing
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I love the tree and would love to do your book. i hope i can take the classes. id love to learn from you
Toggle Commented Sep 5, 2011 on Crazy for Crepe Trees....... at Creative Chaos
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Im so going to get the mag and write them to tell them how smart they are to put you on the cover. and i would love if your could teach your christmas book, even your oniment. please.... cangrats on everything.
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a chance to win is amazing. thank you for showing me to there site. its the kind of scraping i need and want to do. i almost died last year and this poject and there others will open my eyes to who i was and who i want to be. thank you so much...i love this blog. always something amazing. xoxo Theresa
Toggle Commented Aug 28, 2011 on Want to Win a Free Kit? at Prima
its on my facebook page......thank you
Toggle Commented Aug 8, 2011 on August Prima Pick and Palette! at Prima
i hurt myself really badly at work 3 years ago. 2 surgerys later and a majar ilness from meds i was on. i dont work but i i still cant do it all and feel like i have acrazy life. i have learned over the last 3 years that no matter what family needs or what chores need to be dont that i need me time once a week. sometimes its 1 hour meditating watching MY tv shows al the way to day out pamering self with a friend, sister or mom. once a month i also get a pedicur. the 45min $28 is spent well in my world. i try on busy days to let healthy premade or almost made food help with meals. its my bigist life saver. and when i have time i will cook extra and freeze it. also i alsway cook enough of my own food for feed us twice that week. 30 min meals and pasta are a life saver. i wish i had all the answers i just try to cut where i can and enjoy the little things everyday brings me. even if its right after i get a coffie and just sit in the car for 5 min and breath.
Toggle Commented Jun 12, 2011 on "Mommy...i'm not an octopus!" at Webster's Home
lets get this line...i want all of it it looks so vivid Rouge De Garance
Toggle Commented May 24, 2011 on Sharing My Frustration at Paper Tales
There are many other companys that that have paper we will love and buy. we would rather have paper to craft with then someday we will get this sorry...i will still come to your shop without oa. I used to do the ordering for a cosmetic surgery office and i have to let go of a few companys we ordered from for years becouse everything was always on back order. my pasents and staff in the long run were happier. i hape you have a better day tomorrow.
Toggle Commented May 24, 2011 on Sharing My Frustration at Paper Tales
i make list when its really important or alot of stuff needs to be done. i make a 2 sided list. must do and want to. must do side has dishes and laundry but want to have watch grays anatomy on the dvr, play on the internet or for a long or really hard list buy some itunes or go to the mall or scrapbook store. i give myself breaks with good stuff. also the must do side has the small little easy stuff, open windows let out dog, change cloths just so i can cross more stuff off. it looks better. and when you clean the kitchen put unload dishes, load dishes, run dish washer. its all one room but give youtself something to feel good about not just i clean the bathroom or did the shoping when ive gon to ralphs, vons, target, bed bath and beyond and for fun starbuck. this helps me write my lists, get them done, and feel good about it.
Toggle Commented May 24, 2011 on Wednesday already? at A Kiss on the Chic
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May 21, 2011
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May 21, 2011
my fsv. is to layer and embelish. i love a intricet page or card. i cant ever just put one thing on a page. adding color and textur and life is what i love to do. like the 2nd page on this post
Toggle Commented May 21, 2011 on GIVEAWAY DAY!!!! Prize winner- at TERESA COLLINS
i would love to buy your beautiful day scrapbook. i just did my bedroom in those colors and would love to put it in my room ..let me know Theresa
Toggle Commented May 21, 2011 on Wednesday already? at A Kiss on the Chic
:aura Thank you so much for teaching me ho to make the sand castle. I was alot of fun. I learned a few new things and worked with some items Iv never used. I love the acrylic book. Id love more classes or ideas with it. Your new book here "about me" I cant wait to learn.. Thank you again for the great experince at my first class. Theresa
Toggle Commented May 21, 2011 on No list yet... at A Kiss on the Chic
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May 20, 2011