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Theresa Quintanilla
Houston, TX
Creative professional and entrepreneur
Interests: CRM, customer relationship management, marketing, loyalty, innovation, business books, houston's image, blogging, new york, marketing trends
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I've been aware of "reality tunnels" (a new twist on 'tunnel vision') for a long time, but I love the way Westenberg expresses this challenge and how to overcome it. Don't let all you currently know confine all you can know! @Westenberg: On Reality Tunnels, 24-May-13 by Joan Westenberg The most important thing is to be aware of our reality tunnels. To remember that how we see things is not necessarily how they are. Our tunnel is just one of many. Meditation, travel, reading widely, and talking to people with different tunnels can help us stretch our perspective. It may... Continue reading
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Ann Handley interviewed BJ Novack, and I learned this tip... Just like BJ I used to take notes, but I never went back over them.... I could DO that! Total Annarchy: 10 ways to be more creative: My interview with actor, writer BJ Novak, 2024-05-12 by Ann Handley Prepare for inspiration; plan for execution. BJ's creative process has two components: inspirations that he captures in a small notebook he carries everywhere (he pulled it out of his breast pocket onstage); and execution. Every few weeks he blocks time to review the notebook, transferring the richest observations from his hand onto... Continue reading
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Finally, I've found a rational method for being a conscientious consumer. I can't do everything, but I can understand how the system operates, and I can pull in the right direction. For one thing: I'll never buy a natural diamond. I have a few I've inherited and a few I've been given, but the cost of extracting diamonds for the consumer market has always been brutal. I'm never going to be in that market again. I'll take synthetic, thank you very much. The Best Books on Economics and the Environment recommended by Deiter Helm, 2024-05-04, interview of Deiter Helm... Continue reading
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I often take hand-written notes to Remember... and I seldom review them.
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For adults, one of the main benefits of writing by hand is that it simply forces us to slow down. During a meeting or lecture, it's possible to type what you're hearing verbatim. But often, "you're not actually processing that information — you're just typing in the blind," says van der Meer. "If you take notes by hand, you can't write everything down," she says. The relative slowness of the medium forces you to process the information, writing key words or phrases and using drawing or arrows to work through ideas, she says. "You make the information your own," she... Continue reading
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The following quote is one of 12 points made by Isaac Saul, a man of Jewsih faith and a Zionist who, like me, is totally overwhelmed by deciding whether to support or condemn this conflict. If you want to read all 12 of his points on Tangle, go to and scroll down to "My take." I've excerpted the beginning of his statement below, but it's all valuable. Tangle: The college campus protests. 2024-Apr-24 by Isaac Saul: It's gotten so tough to organize my thoughts on this that instead of trying to draft one cohesive "My take," I'm going to... Continue reading
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Having a fact does not equal having an idea, or a plan, or a strategy. Data + brains (often but not always) = valuable insights. Lindsay's Data Stack: Being data-driven is not a product strategy, 24-Mar-13 by Lindsay M. Pettingill Saying you’re data-driven is an excuse for having no point of view. Your strategy shouldn’t be driven by data. Your product direction shouldn’t be driven by data. Your data definitely shouldn’t be driven by data. To be clear, this does not mean that data doesn’t matter. Data matters for all sorts of applications and problems. But if you’re looking for... Continue reading
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People will emphasize and sometimes exaggerate their beliefs to get attention. Don't play that game, but remind people of which values you have in common. Digital Tonto:If you're serious about change you need to be explicit and focus on shared values, 2024-Mar-10 by Greg Satell Never underestimate the primordial need to signal identity. We want to show that we are not only a full-fledged member of our tribe, but a star player on the team. That’s why we engage in the type of moral outbidding that results in a purity spiral. Before you know it, we are voicing opinions and... Continue reading
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misfits' architecture: The Beauty of Everyday Things, 2024-Feb-4 by Graham McKay For the past hundred years we’ve had people championing machine manufacture and value-adding design for objects that did perfectly well without it. What we’re left with is poorly designed and overpriced goods. Yanagi’s criteria don’t really tell us anything we weren’t already half aware of. made by anonymous crafts people: This is in direct opposition to the culture (cult?) of designer goods in which the worth of objects is determined by who designed them and not by how they were made. True, artisan silversmiths and goldsmiths existed prior to... Continue reading
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Adaobi has many great suggestions about how to make a difference on a team. Here's just one of the great ones. Adaobi's Substack: How to do things if you're not that smart and don't have any talent, 2024-Jan-28 by Adaobi Adibe Most people are super sensitive to being seen as annoying, and that’s the primary reason they don’t follow up and therefore watch opportunities go down the drain. Super simple solution, follow up! Most people just forget to respond, haven’t prioritized your request, or something else along those lines. But don’t just follow up, make it easy for the other... Continue reading
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I pride myself on communicating well with people, and it's hard to realize the "inbox zero" is not an appropriate goal. But it's not. The Browser: I Am No Longer Good At Email, 2024-Feb-8 by Caroline Crampton: The task is the writing, the editing, the researching, the thinking. Using email to notify others of what I have produced or concluded is just what happens when I have finished. It is not a category of its own. There is no virtue in doing that promptly if the work itself is not good, nor in only looking at my inbox at certain... Continue reading
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Book Review by Jennifer Szalai: ‘Literary Theory for Robots,’ by Dennis Yi Tenen The New York Times, February 7, 2024. What if someone wanted to strap a jet engine to a car and see how it fared on the streets of a crowded city? Tenen says the answer is obvious: “Don’t do that.” Why “Don’t do that” can seem easy in one realm but not another requires more thinking, more precision, more scrutiny — all qualities that fall by the wayside when we cower before A.I., treating the technology like a singular god instead of a multiplicity of machines built... Continue reading
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Can anyone access and share this entire column with me? For centuries, the Western world has awarded higher status to what I will call ideas people — those who are good at developing, expressing and putting into practice new ways of thinking. The Scientific and Industrial revolutions greatly increased the reach and influence of ideas people. AI may put that trend into reverse. From Tyler Cowen's Bloomberg column of Jan. 25, 2024 Continue reading
Posted Jan 27, 2024 at QViews
I've been listening to innovators explain themselves for over 30 years, so it's hard for me to be surprised. So it was great hear Innovation OG Bill T. Gross mention a few things which hadn't occurred to me in the presentation linked below. Of his 10 Crucial Lessons, 3 of them jumped out at me... Why haven't I been doing that?! Lesson 2: Great Timing. Every idea has its time. We need to launch at the right point in the "S" curve of adoption. You can't create the right environment, but if you're constantly assessing the environment, you can learn... Continue reading
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I juggle many projects, and it's hard to remember to work on their foundation... Your content archive, whether it's a web site, blog, or collections of videos, should be something that you can and do OWN. Commit to a URL that you're willing to renew for years and years. If you can afford to avoid using a rented platform (i.e., Wordpress)--that's great. Anything original and valuable that you create for social media should be copied there. I use a variety of rented platforms, but I archive out the data regularly. Your investment deserves it! Don't doubt the value of your... Continue reading
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My excuse for not using chatbots... "Reading Recession" from Gurwinder’s 30 Useful Principles There is more text than ever, yet people are reading ever less and outsourcing writing to chatbots. This is dangerous because language is the basis of thought, and if you can’t read or write well, you won’t think well. Generation Effect: If you really want to understand a topic, don’t read about it, write about it. The act of explaining something helps connect the dots and commit them to memory far better than the passive act of reading. Continue reading
Posted Dec 5, 2023 at QViews
The new CEO of the Greater Houston Partnership is going to focus on their Upskill initiative... He was formerly CEO of Kinder Morgan. Houston Chronicle: New Greater Houston Partnership head focused on opportunity, unity, 2023-Dec-4 by Erica Grieder Q. In your career in the private sector, you’ve traveled the nation and the world. Have you seen other organizations doing things like GHP, or at the same scale? A. Not really at the same scale. There are a lot of other similar organizations around the country, but the GHP pulls together a lot of things. It’s not just the Chamber of... Continue reading
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Buzzfeed: This Quote Has Been Attributed To Frida Kahlo For Years, But It's Actually From A Canadian Teenager, 2021-Nov-3 by Ade Onibada I used to think I was the strangest person in the world but then I thought there are so many people in the world, there must be someone just like me who feels bizarre and flawed in the same ways I do. I would imagine her, and imagine that she must be out there thinking of me too. Well, I hope that if you are out there and read this and know that, yes, it’s true I’m here,... Continue reading
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At the recent Houston International Quilt Festival, I was mesmerized by this huge (22 ft) quilt by Australian Helen Godden. Read her story at or Facebook. I took iPhone photos of certain details that enchanted me. I hope you enjoy them, too! Continue reading
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While I understand on a general basis how I can get stuck, it's really helpful to have a procedure for getting UNstuck. Here's a good one. 3 questions to get unstuck and start making progress by Vita Benes and K. M. Michna the 3 questions that will help you get unstuck and start making progress are: What haven't I done yet? What's stopping me from doing this? What is making me frustrated or discontent? Continue reading
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While I am sensitive to the way my emotions are affected by health and circumstances, this new approach gives me even more influences to consider and control. When my feelings are pushing me around, I can do a little audit: Am I assuming the past will repeat itself? Am I reacting based on being physically run down? Have I considered all aspects of the current situation, including things I can't currently see? Or should I claim "emotional flu" and just delay my reaction? Or should I try to relax and start asking questions? BBC Science Focus: How emotions trick your... Continue reading
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I have to share this quote which struck me as SO funny and SO insightful. We "know" things based on our experience. And yet, our experience is not universal. The best way to make it more universal is to share it. Think about it! How many times have you swallowed your opinion when you ought to have shared it? NY Times: The internet takes some time off, 2023-Sep-1, by Madison Malone Kircher There is a pet theory I’ve long held about the internet. I will disclose upfront that it has absolutely zero scientific merit. The only peer review it has... Continue reading
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I'm so glad that Ian Leslie made part of this Substack post open! I've read so many posts which wrestle with WHAT DOES IT MEAN...? It means we can laugh at ourselves and the way we see the world. We can PLAY. The Ruffian: Barbearheimer [excerpt], 2023-Aug-26 by Ian Leslie ... Barbie is best enjoyed with your left brain switched off. People are making a category error when they try to establish whether it has a feminist message or not. Barbie doesn’t make a coherent argument about feminism or capitalism and it’s not trying to. It’s aiming to feel modern,... Continue reading
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I only scored 4.3 because I find it hard not to show off when I think I know the answer. Illustration: From SaleenArt... A protective Nazar plate: these eyes protect you from being influenced by others. Think for yourself! Score yourself from 0 (low) to 5 (high). 10 signs that you're way more intelligent than you think you are 1. You never feel the need to prove to other people how smart they are. Intelligent people know that their actions speak louder than their words. You don't brag about your achievements or flaunt your knowledge. You let your work and... Continue reading
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I don't often recommend a newsletter which isn't archived on the writer's web site. Here's an excerpt from Jen Sincero's June 29, 2023 issue, where she describes melting down at a major speaking engagement: Listen, I'm still fairly mystified as to how my talk was any good, but that's not... Continue reading
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