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Great story Heather. Well, not great but you get my point. The one we most forget about in all the rush to offer all things digitally is the employee who ultimately has to make a decision on the fly at the one point in a transaction we seriously don't want to wait: the checkout. This lack of thinking through the digital marketing so in vogue leads to a worse experience than simply saying, "I'm sorry we don't."
Thanks for calling this display out Heather. You are so right - how to add motion to displays to engage us! Creativity, its what's missing from more and more retailers and why the windows are-more and more-covered over to use for sales space.
I thought the same thing when I was in Portland a couple weeks ago. What once was a vibrant downtown needs some help. Kind of a fake-it-til-you-make-it idea. Some former big boxes are being cut up and released as chic boutique centers but the appeal seems limited. I've seen libraries, medical offices and post offices take over permanent space but I think your idea of exhibition space is spot on. Especially since parking and mass transit issues probably would be pluses, for the exhibit needing more space, a perfect solution.
Honestly, when I lived in LA I thought the whole plastic bag thing was sorta trendy. That's until I moved to the Northeast and saw all the plastic bags hanging from trees - particularly in the dead of winter. I get the bans happening in stages but is the issue really how thin they are? I think it is that they are all so lightweight they end up in all sorts of places paper bags don't.
Thank you Kim for sharing this. Talk about a bankrupt brand! I'm telling everyone about this referencing your post tomorrow. You can't make this stuff up! - Good spotting!
I think the nudity is a gimmick. They could all be dressed like pirates and wouldn't make much of a bump. The thing I noted in my post on Breastaurants is that the training for many of these concepts is superior on how to make guests comfortable. That's what is missing for so many retailers right now - no training. No amount of stripping can replace making human contact - without touching;)
Funny stuff Ron! When will managers and DMs realize that cashiers cannot move sales. Cutbacks to beyond the bone mean they need to be concierge, therapist, babysitter, clerk, customer service, traffic cop and try to sell merchandise. Look at a Victoria's Secret - they get you don't leave a customer just because there's a line. More retailers could use a direct transcript of what happens on their floors.
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Dec 8, 2010