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I wonder if it's more perilous to mock a group that hasn't yet learned to mock itself. Theatre people have very little natural pride, and we mock ourselves all the time, so we love it when others join in the fun (I, too, grew up in theatre, and even majored it in). Certain cultures, too, have a fun view of themselves and their own quirks, so they respond well to exposure. Literature, though, is SERIOUS STUFF. Those who love it, read it, and obsess about it are SERIOUS SCHOLARS. Their quirks aren't funny, and they aren't quirks, thank you very much. If something they do seems to be different from societal norms (or possibly bears humorous resemblance to quirky things in society at large), then, well, you must be mistaken. You big liar. ;) (I minored in English.) Honestly, I think you're just bearing the brunt of being on the cutting edge of a whole new world of absolutely mockable literary-obsession quirks. They'll get used to it. Lawyers laugh at lawyer jokes, after all. (I'm also a lawyer.)
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Nov 26, 2013