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I live to breathe and breathe to live
Interests: liquor, movies, pro-creation, and kids (in that order)
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Choosing channels 1, 6 and 11 has long been the standard and in many cases are the proper channels to choose. If you are in a perfectly clean area ChannelFly will choose these channels. However, when deploying Wi-Fi in certain environments such as heavily congested public areas (e.g. New York City) choosing channels 1, 6 and 11 are usually the exact WRONG channels to use. The right channels to choose in any situation is the channel that gives you the best capacity. The interesting thing is, if an AP chooses the channels with the best capacity (like ChannelFly does) it has the LEAST impact on surrounding systems. In a given area, you can’t look at Wi-Fi as multiple APs and clients on multiple different networks. In that given area, all Wi-Fi works together. Different APs, SSIDs etc can’t be viewed as separate systems; they all have an effect on each other. So the next question is, how can a transmitter (AP or STA) on an overlapping channel be better than a transmitter on 1, 6, or 11? It’s like many things in Wi-Fi, it’s all about signal to noise ratio (SNR). A device can successfully transmit on an overlapping channel if the SNR is adequate. SNR is achieved through channel separation (even between channel 1 to 3 you get some separation) and attenuation via distance or obstruction. ChannelFly can calculate the capacity on a channel without actually running a throughput test. This is what ChannelFly is doing all the time and using that information to choose the right channel. As an experiment, run a throughput test on each channel (1-11) with one AP in a a given environment. If you do it in an ultra saturated area you’ll see that channels 1, 6, and 11 will have the worst throughput and therefore are the worst channels that could be chosen.
Toggle Commented Dec 28, 2013 on Channel Changing Done Right at The Ruckus Room
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Mar 15, 2010