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Lawyers Barrus Injury
San Antonio, TX 78205
For more in-depth information about how to settle your own car accident case, visit : This video answers one of the most frequent questions I get asked, and that is whether or not someone can settle their own car wreck case, and under what circumstances it would be best to hire a lawyer. Most injury attorneys will tell you that you "always" should hire a lawyer, but we disagree. In fact, we often tell people with smaller cases that they could probably handle their claim themselves, and keep more money in their pocket. Not only that, but we have published a fee e-Book that teaches people how to settle their own small car accident case. You can get the book at our website for FREE (see link above). However, in some circumstances it does make more sense to hire an attorney to protect your rights following an accident. Our website, and books talk about when you should seek out an attorney, vs. when you would be able to handle your own case. This video is a condensed version of the information found at our website. For more information, and to download a free book about settling your own injury case, visit our website (see link above). Contact address: 310 S St Mary's St #2400, San Antonio, TX 78205, Phone: (210) 593-8709
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Jul 31, 2016