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Yes, I most certainly would. I consider myself to be straight, but I have often found some men to be very attractive and have had a few fantasies about them. Of course, when I was a Christian I relegated these thoughts to the back and felt very guilty for them. Since then, I have still had a hard time accepting these things as more than just a fluke, which I think they are. I doubt that I would ever be squarely in the middle, but I'd be a lot closer to the middle than I am now (and I'm probably meandering that way as I put off the old Christian morality and let my view of the world open up more).
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Wow, I come here looking for atheism and I get encouraged to try to lose weight again (it helps that this past weekend I was playing with my parents' Wii and it told me how much I weigh and I was 25lb over the weight I'd maintained from the end of high school until more recently. (Not that the previously maintained weight was a good one, I have been obese for much of my life, but 25lb more was a shock.) So, thank you for sharing this, I'll possibly be trying it again (it is similar to something I've done in the past, just didn't stick with it)!
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Mar 1, 2011