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Love it! Wouldn't it be great if we had contributors from all over the globe? I would love to hear from my sisters outside of North America, too. Love, Aussie on East Coast, Canada
Your prayers would be delightful, toward a passionate awakening of spirit to burned- out husbands (Ron, John, David, Robb etc). That they will hear with their own ears the Call, they will hear, know, Trust and do what it is, that He has placed on their heart, from the beginning, to do. It will be unmistakably, the Lord's hand. All Glory, Honour and Praise be to Jesus! for this. Thank you.
Well as a transplanted Aussie, on the east coast of Canada (right now, anyway!). I've been thinking about Ireland and county Mayo. Wouldn't it be great to let my husband be in the place of some of my celtic ancestors. (Maybe my passions won't seem so 'weird' anymore!). I am loving (in)courage! and yeah, what is God up to with us girls all over the world, being passionate about Him and sticking out like sore thumbs (actually, I have a sore index finger, but that is besides the point)...mmmm
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May 12, 2010