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I never thought I would be "one of those people" to write a blog, and I doubt anyone is ever going to read this. With that being said, I missed the ball drop, spent way to much money on booze, was pushed and stepped on by way too many strangers, and lost my friends. All in all, a pretty successful night. I think I'm getting too old, or the people around me are getting younger, but I don't think I can get away with this lifestyle for much longer. We'll see what happens. Things always seem to work out in... Continue reading
Posted Jan 1, 2010 at blackswan's blog
Everyones points above struck a chord with me, as I have been feeling the same way, and appreciate everyone's comments. After seeing the movie, I fell in to a funk. A sort of depression and loneliness that lasted a number of days. Despite running the risk of sounding overly sappy or corny, I want to live there, in Pandora. I want to share their ways of life. I want to find love, and learn to live side by side with nature. For example, when the dog like creatures attack Jake near the beginning, Neytiri is saddened and enraged by the slaughter, explaining that they didn't have to die. They died because Jake was stupid, and did not understand how coincide with the planets life forms in a peaceful manner. Creatures only need to die for the necessity of ones own survival, and nothing else. "A clean Kill", carried out with purpose and pure intentions, both physically and spiritually. It sounds cynical, but I've developed some sort of disgust for the greed, over-consumption and humanities overal lack of appreciation for nature. I was disgusted the other day, while walking down the street, observing the cars and trash, among the other obvious differences between the Pandora world and our own. After seeing Avatar, I feel as if I want to move to the rain forest, become more in touch with nature, learn an indigenous peoples culture and language. It goes without saying, that the bio luminescence beauty and spirit of pandora simply does not exist on Earth or anywhere else that we know of, and knowing this sucks, but it helps to grasp reality. Additionally, me attempting to approach a foreign tribe would probably get me killed on the spot, which also helps to shake these aspirations. However I still have not been able to shake the funk; this lingering effect that this spectacular movie has left me with. A tip: watch the making of and or directorial commentary and such, which helped me to understand that this IS just a movie, and that our lives here on earth are what they are, which will never be matched by the beauty of Pandora. Reality is a bitch people. Personally, it's taken a few days for me to come to grips with the fact that I will never be accepted by a far away indigenous people who teach me their ways, accepting me as one of their own. In parting, this is an absolutely amazing movie. I hear talks about a sequel, and possibly a trilogy, which is something I will be anxiously awaiting. I will be seeing Avatar again, this time in imax however, because I understand that it gives you the "full experience". I do however have one small grievance with the movie's advertising techniques. I would never have gone and seen it if my dad and brother didn't drag me along, because the previews showed absolutely no information for the plot, characters, storyline, nothing. Just a few cut shots of action. Before the movie, I had no interest, no knowledge, and no understanding. With that have being said, I'm so glad I saw it, and I simply can not get enough. Thanks for listening guys, I needed to vent. No one understands cause I haven't been able to discuss it with anyone without being made fun of, since none of my friends really have a sensitive side, or are just too afraid to admit it.
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Dec 29, 2009
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Posted Dec 29, 2009 at blackswan's blog
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Dec 29, 2009