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Dear Dianne, first of all complimenti for your book "La bella lingua", davvero ben scritto and very interesting even for an Italian like me. I work in the online marketing industry and every day I have to face this "hybrid" language. I'm more and more shocked to find common Italian words replaced by English ones, often changing their original meaning, and ofter pronounced by ten different persons in ten different ways! This really makes it hard to understand the meaning of a sentence. This happens not only at the office or in younger people's slang, but even in the mass media: "Inseguimento in autostrada, come in un action movie" (film d'azione); "Le star sfilano sul red carpet (tappeto rosso) dopo il successo al box office (botteghino)". Also politicians tend to use this kind of language. Mr. Renzi christened the latest riforma del lavoro a "jobs act", and talks about "un masterplan per l'Italia" which sounds more like a tv show to me than a plan for the country. Until a few years ago our goverment had a "Ministero del Welfare". In France, for instance, that would sound absurd and ridiculous. I know the French situation a bit as I have friends from Corsica and i write for the Corsican site written in Italian "Corsica Oggi". In northern Italy the Politecnico di Milano, one of the most important universities in the country, is planning to completely drop Italian for higher level degrees, forcing Italian future architects and engineers to carry on their studies in English, which is not their mother tongue. And many people in Italy support this idea, feeling this will make us "più internazionali". On the other hand, teachers in Italy can teach English to children simply after attending a 30 hours (30 hours!) course. My 6 years son's teacher pronounces cat "kah-tteh" and yellow "yeh-love". In February 2015 the famous copywriter Annamaria Testa launched the campaign #dilloinitaliano , a petition which collected more than 70.000 signatures in a few days, to encourage the use of proper Italian, especially in the media and political institutions. I hope that will bring some concrete results. Altrimenti tra poco non capirò un'acca anche parlando la mia lingua con qualcuno ;)
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Nov 11, 2015