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Ben Folds used sesquipedalian on The Sing-Off the other night and I wondered if that would fit the bill for you. :) I remember reading the Left Behind series many years ago (meh) and coming across the word "potentate." I said it in my head as, "po-TEN-tayt." Sounded regal! Then I listened to one of the books on a car trip and heard them say, "POHT-in-tayt." Really? That sounds like the goofiest word to call the most powerful person in the world. I veto that pronunciation! And my brain full of words tends to give me a bad case of logorrhea. :) Fortunately, I make sense (most of the time).
I really want to get my mother-in-law a necklace with the names of our children on it. I think she'd love having them close to her heart!
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Apr 4, 2013