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There’s been much debate on Conservative Home about increasing the number of women and ethnic minorities being selected for parliament. It seems that the Labour Party is having its own woes. Labour is implementing all women shortlists in the parliamentary selection in a number of London seats with significant ethnic minority populations. However, by doing so it is effectively excluding black and Asian men from the House of Commons.
Toggle Commented Aug 25, 2007 on Saturday 25th August 2007 at ConservativeHome
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Brown is banking on the electorate not being interested in tax and regulation on businesses. However, ultimately the tax and regulatory burden on businesses falls on families because these burdens lead to higher prices - or the inability of firms to create or sustain as many jobs as they should. As I wrote today on my blog, the uncertain state of the economy could lead to a snap election. Brown hopes the electorate doesn't see the connection between his tax/regulation policies and their livelihood ... let's hope they do.
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Whilst I agree with many of your prescriptions for the Conservative Party's renewal, I'm not so sure the next election is lost. Yes, there was a recent 42% Lab, 32% Con, 16% LD but that was a Brown Bounce -- John Major won the 1992 election but months later was 20 points behind in the opinion polls. It's a matter of timing; if Brown can sneak an election through before things go pear-shaped; but "Events, dear boy, events." Watch across the Atlantic: economically, we're in for it, and the one man who's going to get the blame is Brown. Then it's likely to be 29% Lab, 45% Con, 20% LD
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Funny it doesn't seem to happen in other countries. Everytime there's a problem there needs to be a tax, they think, and yet they don't get down to the underlying problem -- which is not going to be solved by tax -- but then that is the usual fix Labour has. It's tried to deal with other policies in the wrong way and look where that got them.
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