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Atlas: The trial of the story and the crime of century. Europe's cultural inquisition begins. And I will join Wilders soon... Different actors, same results.
It is sad to read that more than 10 years after my leaving the Middle East nothing has changed for these poor slaves. I always suffered with them, but it was and is hopeless to do anything to ease their plight as long as there are still those willing to endure the suffering. Every Saturday morning, I pored over Arab Times in Kuwait and was sad to read of more suicides, rapes, and runaway maids. Those lucky to survive their ordeals were taken to specially rented safehouses while the embassy staffs, more often the ambassadors themselves, went on begging tours to the Al-Sabahs to secure the maids' freedom (i.e. the release of their passports). It was sick back then, and it is even sicker today. I remember the empty faces of these maids when I chanced upon them while doing my grocery shopping, they carrying multiple bags and children, while their mistresses - or ma'ams - did their own shopping.
JJ, you are so right about the guns. However, the vast majority of Europeans are too lethargic, lulled into a stupor of taking advantage of the welfare state and "not making waves" (I'm citing my own sister here). Just shut up and ignore what the state is shelling out. And it ain't shells, believe me. However, I also firmly believe that guns will not make much of a difference. I don't want a war, I've seen too many, been part of too many, so I for one would be loath to touch one. I am not a soldier. I do not want to be one. I'll leave the soldiering to those who have been trained in this field. OTOH, the situation might get so bad that people who have no experience in war will rise up to play war. And that will be even uglier than what Europe has seen in its bloody past. That worries me very much. Currently there is a strong tendency in Europe of doing nothing because it is more comfortable. Making waves does not make you popular. I can vouch for that. In any case, stocking up on guns is one way to go, though remember that we do not enjoy the protection of the Constitution that Americans enjoy. It will be very easy for the ruling elite to ban gun ownership. See Britain, where a woman was accused of using a weapon against an intruder in her own house! By the way, are you planning on attending Pamela's CPAC splash? I am one of the invited speakers...
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John, thanks for commenting on my website. I cannot thank you, and Pamela, enough for doing all this hard research on this project. However, you, my friend, are tragically mistaken in your analysis that we know nothing about the terrifying project. We have known about this for a while. But the public does not know, and that is precisely the goal of our ruling elite. My friends and I have been thinking very hard about how we could get to our politicians, to make them own up to their deception. But the tragedy is that we simply cannot reach any of our politicians. We've done this before: They are not interested; the political system is unlike that of the US; a member of parliament in essence does not give a hoot about what his constituents may want or complain about. I am certainly not one to give up easily, otherwise I would not be in this frustrating "business", but in this case, we have lost. The EU has other plans for its peoples, and that is to replace them with Muslim peoples. God help us!
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What a sick world with even sicker people. Sometimes I despair...
hey guys, just so you know... i am the chick you're talking about. and just so you understand... i am well aware of the difference between political islam and islam. there are things you can't say because people don't understand it (yet). i chose each and every one of my words carefully. but believe me, i know even more than i had the chance to say in the interview. and i will say even more... soon.