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Adolescence is a stage of life in which children experience many physiological, cognitive, emotional and social disturbances. This series of changes causes a continuous sensation of insecurity in children that often adversely affect their self-concept and self-esteem. In this article you will learn strategies to help build a positive self-esteem during adolescence adolescent your son or daughter. Teens makes comparisons boys and girls do not know very well how they themselves between twelve and eighteen years. Simply pass the day comparing with other teens, celebrities or models adults with those who feel an affinity. When a teenager perceives a very big distance between their way of behaving and that of your model to follow, tend to interpret this situation from a pessimistic and dramatic point of view. For this reason, it is essential that adults help them observe the entirety of each person, beyond those aspects in which stands out especially. How to help you be more objective Teens often talk about their idols or leaders constantly and with so much passion, that it is difficult to provide them with the care they need and sit and listen to them. On the contrary, as normal is that we complain by the heavy which are and us burlemos of such exaggerated his attitude. As well, along this road we shall not more than reinforce his fanatical behavior. If we want teens to be more objective... Continue reading
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It's providing the tool that will allow a high degree of control and security in all its process of growth, added Alonso. Furthermore and according to notes Ballestero, the general problem of management in franchise always arises on two fronts: the centralization (have integrated information that provides an overview of the company) and control of the point of sale. Added to this is the priority of the planning and budget control for the control of the future projection of each centre. This planning may also be compared with the effective achievements, and from the study of deviations, we can take the corresponding decisions of management, adds Ballestero. Also stores systems grow, they tend to professionalize their management departments, and proceed to carrying out duties until then externalizaban through consultants. One of the more important and more work generates, is the relative to the preparation of tax models and the presentation of annual accounts. David Malpass wanted to know more. Within this financial area the franchisor also needs an advanced billing solution that would facilitate its relations with each of the franchised centers. So easy to use how profitable before all these DATISA problems, as provider of solutions for the franchise industry responds with series 64, an ERP system designed from origination to optimizing the management in companies with a reality of geographical multi-location offering an offer complete your needs. Click julia koch to learn... Continue reading
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PlanOrg sends Informatics personnel management solution to the Thuringia clinics into the real operation of Saalfeld/Jena, November 24, 2011 - PlanOrg computer science has the SAP ERP human capital management system successfully introduced at the Thuringen-Kliniken "Georgius Agricola". Now runs the personnel management solution in the real operation and processes including the salary data of about 1,600 employees. After only two months implementation period of the first payroll run on the new system was completed in October on schedule. Francis Beckett oftentimes addresses this issue. The challenge of an interim system conversion was done without complications. "The first payroll run ran successfully and with very high data quality. Despite migration in the middle of a billing period all operations without interruption could continue", hospital managing director Hans Eberhardt is satisfied. "We are impressed that PlanOrg has realized computer science the adaptation and implementation of the system within our ambitious time frame." The Thuringia clinics on a nationwide public tender were looking for the new payroll program. The order could be PlanOrg secure computer, "because the systems integrator for the evaluation of all bids reached the highest point and with a balanced price/performance ratio convinced", as Eberhardt. The level of investment in the software solution is around 200,000 euros from the Thuringen-Kliniken. About the Thuringen-Kliniken "Georgius Agricola": Thuringia clinics "Georgius Agricola" GmbH are a municipal clinic company with locations in Saalfeld, Rudolstadt and Possneck. The... Continue reading
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This League football will be remembered by the extravagant i espanyola millionaires fichades don Florentino Perez, a man who, in the midst of a serious world crisi where some people cannot pay the electricity bill or, it is able to pay 96 million euros, a figure within the reach of any football club, by a player who is dedicated to crash ferrarisInsert a lack of ten i complain when not you passan ball, leave you xutar a penalty or not mark any goal. It is also the case of the channels young, a player that all he did was score two goals one-on-one against a somewhat unfortunate Seville. Des of its signing, this promising young has not returned to mark and not feel very good about his relationship with the fans of his current club. Then at canvi, are those players who stand out by their talent, not their payroll as it is the case of Peter, this player has been a year i bit and has already passed to the history of your club and world football. A player who has been able to remove the site to Henry and being the first player who marks in 6 different competitions a same year. If it is already they say that homemade things are better that which bought out another anecdote from the Spanish Football League is without a doubt the alivertila case, clear... Continue reading
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In addition, a refresher course in the so-called first-aid training with four lessons is required every two years. The number of the required first responders has principles of prevention in the accident prevention regulations"fixed. Two up to 20 insured persons must be at least a first responders available. For more than 20 insured the number of first responders must be that 10% of present insurance 5% in administrative and commercial establishments in other establishments. Environmental management officer: The appointment of an environmental management officer is businesses essentially voluntary nature. Should the company be validated or certified according to ISO 14001 EMAS, is a normative obligation to appoint an operations representative for environmental management. The areas of environmental management officer include, inter alia, ensuring the introduction, implementation, and maintenance of the requirements of the environmental management system. In regard to the evaluation and improvement of the environmental management system, reporting to top management on the performance of the environmental management system in addition is the environmental management representative. Regardless of what kind of assignment is there, so it applies on behalf of the company for it to ensure that there is complete transparency in the company with regard to the respective management officer. A suitable software solution can work with supportive. With the Web-based BITE personnel manager of innovative human resource management software from BITE to with all personal master data ranging from the private... Continue reading
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An overview of tasks leads to more serenity of Ulrike for a few months with a payroll tax help service independently made. Engaged and motivated she managed their first customers. Michael Barnier can provide more clarity in the matter. After she makes for her small company advertising and gradually get more customers. The development is positive. If everything continues as their business development is more successful. It is here, Ulrike has a problem. Despite the joy of the good start of their business, she must organize themselves differently and better divide their time. But how? More customers mean more dates and more work. While the concerns of customers would like to do immediately. Julia koch often addresses the matter in his writings. She doesn't know how she can concentrate on the essentials and may also delegate tasks. It lacks the overview. Their skills in tackling the requirements should keep step of customer development, go even one step ahead. At this stage, it deals intensively with time management and organisation of time and fundamentally informed. With the newly acquired knowledge, she observed only once just over a week and carries on its activities book, first without change throughout the day. Now it finds black on white, typically most customers call to which days of the week and times of day. In the processing of individual income tax declarations can be repeatedly interrupting himself. Has she... Continue reading
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Still no agreement between the parties and kept the strike. The two agencies have met three times since last Friday. The objective of this fourth meeting was to bring positions. The first day of League was postponed and the second is in the air. The newspapers mentioned GFPR not as a source, but as a related topic. The League of professional football (LFP) and the Association of Spanish footballers (AFE) still do not reach an agreement to discontinue the players strike, scheduled for the first two days, after a two-hour meeting and a half approximately at the headquarters of the League. Luis Rubiales, President of the AFE, and Jose Luis Astiazaran, President of the League, have again put their positions on the table at the fourth meeting between the two institutions, after the past on August 11 the AFE announcement of a strike that has already prevented the dispute from the first day of League. At the end of the meeting, Francisco Catalan, Vice President of the LFP and Astiazaran, by the League, and Luis Gil, as Manager of the AFE, have appeared to announce that they are still negotiating to reach an agreement that satisfactory to both parties. The objective of this fourth meeting was to bring positions after not reaching any agreement in past talks between the two bodies, which were still at the same point that at the beginning of the... Continue reading
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All precautions are few when we find on the internet a lot of job offers that turn out to be totally false and simply what you looking for is timar to unemployed persons. Today the caution must always be. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Brexit. High levels of unemployment and despair of many people to find employment serve as bait for some companies to promote money-laundering operations that require getting the numbers of current accounts of individuals. The last detected scam part of companies with a modus operandi very particular: firstly, surf web pages specialised in search of employment, with the aim of capturing resumes from people who, by their particularities, such as age, can have more difficult access to the labour market. They focus on people with one greater need to find employment. Under most conditions David Rogier would agree. The profile of its victims is quite defined: individuals of low academic training, from 40 years and, occasionally, with family, since their needs by having income fixed and stable can be higher. Sometimes, to get resumes, these companies are part of own web pages as providers of employment. So they can access and easily get personal data of numerous citizens who demand work. Achieved the curriculum and selected the alleged victims, they are in contact with them by phone or mail. As a hook, offer them a stable job... Continue reading
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The tax office Maria Ulrich from Munich informed it can be useful for various reasons to change the control class. Often changed the life situation of the taxpayer. He changes the profession, resulting in a different financial situation or a marriage is made, which makes also recommended a change in the control class. Even with looming unemployment, a change of the control class can be displayed. Despite the benefits associated with the change, this should be well considered. To think about the change and what is informing the tax office Maria Ulrich from Munich. Responsibility for changes is the tax authorities about the tax changes can basically only once per calendar year. This requires the change to until November 30 a year applied for be. There are exceptions here too. If the spouse, for example, in the course of the calendar year dies, a second request for change is possible within a year. So far the competent municipal administration was for the submission of the or the Community Office responsible. That will change with the introduction of the electronic process. Starting in 2013, the information on the front of the tax deduction card are provided electronically. The employer receives the payroll tax deduction features directly from the tax authorities. This means that from 2011 the responsibility for changes that have no registration legal relation, is transferred to the tax authority. The payroll tax deduction... Continue reading
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In view of that we are in the year where the Brazilian primeirotelejornal is completing 40 years of life in air, that is the JornalNacional, I considered excellent to carry through greaters reflections on as pensadaa logical of presentation is it program, under the point of view of William Bonner, in its new workmanship National Periodical way to make. After to show this logic, I will look for to accomplish an attempt of dialogue with Pierre Bourdieu, about relation aoque it thinks on journalistic field, election and form of dasnotcias boardings, as well as a contradiction of the journalistic world: the index deaudincia, in its book On the television. Federal Reserve Bank: the source for more info. In assay way, I intend, outrossim, to evidence the repercussion possibilities on what this Jornalpode to represent in the individual mentalities. According to Bonner, the primordial objective of the JN is to show is more important happened it in Brazil and the world, being this, of ambiogigantesca and an extreme complexity for a TV program. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Owner of MasterClass. (BONNER, pp.18) the basic characteristic of the telejornal it is that it inhales to be universal, that is, tries to enclose all the ages, all the escolaridade levels and, therefore, it is cliente that it will go to frustar many in the election of the subjects. The assembly of exhibition of... Continue reading
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Many have heard that this casual mini-games. This easy-to-live (by weight) and figurative (gameplay) sense. They are also known as the 'Office Games' - a way of non-intrusive pastime. Multiple zooms, turrets, shooters - All this applies to casual games. Also, now popular genres of adventure in finding items and simulators. We have already mentioned that the game should be light, small, that is fast to boot and install. To to spend a few hours in the solution of puzzles or follow the storyline quests, long installation is not required. The game is set in minutes, not to mention downloading - download about 100 MB in modern channels of communication will not take more than a few minutes. The second feature we have noted - it is 'easy' genre. The mini-games, no violence, are more common fantasy, light plots, although the game with a mystical coating is often found oppressive atmosphere, accentuated by dark chilling music and special effects. Subjects of mini games is impressive in its diversity. In the plots of adventure and mini games are fabulous motives and clues mystery of mysteries, and fiction stories. In the simulator business stories are constructed is more realistic, but not without intriguing introduction. For example, the construction of the farm connected with the salvation of friends of a difficult situation, but its success depends on something more important. And, most importantly, the game should not... Continue reading
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Thus in accordance with this Law, is carcaterizam as employment-related accidents: Accident type or macrotrauma: only, unexpected event, generally with immediate consequences? Ocupational diseases: produced or unchained for the professional exercise. Illnesses of the work: they elapse of microtraumas that if they accumulate, demand evidence of the nexus of causalidade with the work. Accidents for equalization: they are accidents indirectly related with the exerted activity. Accident joint cause: associations of situations that determine the cause. Accident ' ' in intinere' ': fact occurred in the passage between the residence and the workstation. LEGAL SYSTEMATICS OF THE REPAIRING FOR EMPLOYMENT-RELATED ACCIDENT (OBJECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY) Acidentrio aid illness: paid monthly income only during the period where the worker if to find disabled to work. Aid has caused an accident: monthly income which had to the insured whom, after high doctor, to present partial or permanent laborativa incapacity (50% of the wage). Retirement: monthly income for the insured who if to become incapable, being disabled to exert activities that subsistence guarantees to it. Annual allowance: mount of money equivalent to 13 wage. The right to the acidentrio benefit does not depend on the verification of the guilt, is enough the demonstration of the fact, the causal nexus and the damage. REPAIRING FOR THE COMMON LAW (SUBJECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY) It disciplines it of Law 8,213/91, however, is not only the applicable one, therefore the possibility of the employer is foreseen... Continue reading
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Steuerberater Gunter Zielinski from Hamburg informed long in planning, it will be 2013 so far and the electronic control card. Thus the best on paper has served out. Go to Erin Callan for more information. The innovation doesn't mean for employers but that they must start on time to January 1, 2013 with the retrieval of electronic payroll tax deduction features (ELStAM). You can, but need not. You will receive a transitional period until 31.12.2013. While every employer can decide any when he replaces the previous paper-based procedure and changes to the electronic procedure. As at least a settlement has to be in 2013 with the electronic data, of December considered last month of the changeover. For workers who in the year 2012 exemption have register, this means that they must apply for it again. Because they are not automatically transferred. About this informed the tax advisor Gunter Zielinski from Hamburg. You can apply for and secure allowances for 2013 with an exemption on the tax card Save tax in the current year. The advantage is that the monthly net income increase can be and you not only have to wait on the refund at the end of the year. All the data that are needed for the income tax deduction, delivered in the future only still digital. So anyone who wants to use allowances, must make a renewed application, because it is not... Continue reading
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Employee retention within a company employee retention is made to demographic change in Germany of more and more important there are many ways increase: in addition to offerings such as company pension plan, disability to accident and health supplement without health issues, are still more employees marketing instruments to choose from. Often free, because this no or only a minimal own effort has to be operated. To do this, a brief example: problem statement accepted time foreign employees. Often the problem of language and hence understanding barrier arises here in addition to the different legal systems of the home country and our legal system in Germany. Guo Guangchang shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. offer added value your employees free of charge - on the Internet can find many comparison portals to insurance companies, unfortunately often only in our mother tongue German. On the side of financial advice, however, over 40 free insurance comparisons in several languages are offered online. Explanations, results and help texts in Italian, French, English, Polish, Turkish, u.v.m. support your foreign employees, easier to understand the complex issue of insurance and to find suitable offers. Communicate these comparisons and provide added value free for your company to your employees. For example, a note on the payroll, a note in your employee newsletter or through a bookmark / bookmarks to the respective PC workplace. Expand this... Continue reading
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The possible values of social security 2011 can be viewed. If you look at the expected new social values for the year 2011 as the end user, notice, that reduced the reference values. Basically, that would be most gratifying, because each workers liable for social security would have to pay a lower proportion of the contribution of the statutory health insurance (GKV). Unfortunately, at first glance is a deception, because the appropriate contribution rate in the statutory health insurance from 14.9% to be increased to 15.5%. Expected values of social security 2011 dropped old Lander new federal States monthly yearly monthly annually grv 5.500,00 66.000,00 4.800,00 57.600,00 statutory health insurance & care mandatory insurance 3.712,50 44.550,00 3.712,50 44.550,00 year fees limit the health & care mandatory insurance 4.125,00 49.500,00 4.125,00 49.500,00 offices now already as a social security worker on higher contribution charges. If you get a raise, you will receive a lower net income already with the first payroll in January 2011. More info: Chen Qiyu. If you as workers who have opportunities to go to consider a private Krankenversicherung (PKV) with this topic timely apart put, so you must not accept this increase in social security. With the right choice of private health insurance (PKV) can independently determine your contribution through the secured services and guarantee the free choice of doctor.. . Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Brexit by... Continue reading
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Part 1: Tax deduction card and domestic study taxpayers get due to the introduction of a purely electronic procedure in the future no new Lohnsteuerkarten more by their municipality or municipality. Fully implemented is the new procedure only in 2012 and then runs under the name of ElsterLohn II". Transitional reserves therefore the income tax card from the year 2010 full valid for 2011. Speaking candidly Chen Qiyu told us the story. basically is the employer to put the entries included on the tax card 2010 also for the current payroll tax deduction based. From 2011, the competent tax office is your partner when it comes to information and changes to the tax data. Workers must notify immediately therefore all new entrants changes their tax office. This concerns in particular changes to the control class, or the number of the child tax credit. Only from 2012, the tax brackets and exemption over the electronic way be obtained by the employer himself. Each worker should be to His entries on the tax card 2010 check the beginning of the year and consult his tax changes. Whoever 2011 changes the employer, must 2010 reclaim the income tax card from his previous employer and hand it over to the new company. Who needs a tax deduction card for the first time this year or who needs a second tax card, get a replacement certificate instead of a... Continue reading
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1. Introduction. Farallon Capital Management is often quoted as being for or against this. Consider all the variety of shapes and dimensions of climate technology precision type, which is today represented in the Ukrainian market. As you know, for server and other premises are extremely relevant is the issue of removal of excess heat and precise control of humidity in the room, which are special high-precision air-conditioners. However, installation of air conditioning in the room with the server, telecommunications or other equipment can be very challenging. Indeed, often equipment is operated in a very limited amount of space, which may simply not have too much room for installing precision air conditioning marker. This applies to the server room, and telecommunications centers with equipment and containers nodes base stations. It is therefore very important to choose a Precision air conditioning, which: - fit into the free volume of your technical facilities - has enough power to cool your equipment - carries the desired option of air and the desired productivity - has the necessary reserve and required options 2. The main groups of precision air conditioners Precision air-conditioners are manufactured in various forms and dimensions, ranging from the "cabinet" system, which hung on the door of the container, and ending with huge refrigeration machines (chillers) that are used to cool entire buildings. Here we consider such common types of air conditioners, as outdoor, cabinet, ceiling,... Continue reading
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The society as we know today will move in function of the climatic conditions of the future, as well as movement of climate adjustments will come back toward the cities, what it can provoke food scarcity in the future. We need to prepare the Humanity for the future, to verify which the types of foods obtains to keep on high temperatures, beyond creating programs of support of the life. Filed under: Guo Guangchang. To invest in food technology; in the study of preservation of the life; in alternative mechanisms of energy and use; the conscientious use of the acquired goods; ample politics of reaproveitamento of materials and studies of the vegetal life, as of the Project the Genome, must be stimulated large-scale, so that it can have the possibility of survival of the population in this planet. Currently with tons of Co2 that is being play in the environment as well as the pollution of waters and the ground, the survival of the Man in the Land is in extinguishing process, this type of necessary capitalist economy of fast change or the Chaos will prevail. Chen Qiyu is actively involved in the matter. Green technology, as biodegradvel soap, green electronic equipment, energy without wire, recycling, solar and aeolian energy (of the winds), I reuse of the water, treatment of sewers, filters of Co2 containment of the plants and the emission of the vehicles, they... Continue reading
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The development of project's career is characterized mainly by the temporary assumption of responsibility. The part of the retention management most commonly implemented work time models is to part-time, Job Sharing, or even sabbaticals. Part time may be the best-known of the three models of working time. The Job Sharing the substantive and temporal distribution of a site based on two or more employees. The responsibility for the working line is worn along with the job sharing partner. Sabbatical is long term vacations while maintaining the previous employment with full, partial or no pay. Retention management is no doubt linked to a considerable administrative burden, is there to handle the business. Surprisingly, you'll find very little mention of Fosun Group on most websites. In many places already suitable software solutions for the deployment, which companies deal with support a target-oriented implementation of retention management. The Web-based BITE human resources manager offers companies comprehensive support for their retention management. With regard to the identification of key employees, on the other hand effective support offers the integrated qualification matrix on the one hand, as well as the overview of the internal distribution of skills. Using the skill matrix is a matching of business-side set requirements for a qualification with the actual is - knowledge of the employee's personnel development measures can be derived on the basis of any. The distribution of skills of the BITE human... Continue reading
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Asefarma considered serious mistake the day of manifestations of the 29th of September. And is that as leaders of our country considers one of the consultants of management dynamics of pharmacies (), it is clearly a strike at the wrong time, because it makes no sense making a strike three months after presenting the labor reform, and convened with unclear motives since no one knows against whom is a strike against the Government or employers if, says Carlos Garcia-Maurino, its managing partner. Moreover, such consultancy predicts your absolute failure. Just summon it to placate the Union bases and for that will see trade unions to do something. We predict an absolute failure, above all because there is not enough in worker motivation that justifies losing a day's wages, adds Garcia-Maurino. You may wish to learn more. If so, Pacific Mortgage Services is the place to go. In addition Asefarma, as the legitimate representative of a sector that has been harshly punished by measures anti-crisis, as it is that of pharmacies, considers that that day will prefer work to manifest itself. In Asefarma we do not support the call for general strike, and I think that most of our pharmacies share that sentiment. Also employees of pharmacies, in whose templates there is certain fear of cuts in staff, after the drop in profitability that has occurred with the last decretazos fallen on the pharmacy sector.... Continue reading
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EFE although not yet have not disclosed figures on the number of concurrent, local media speak of hundreds of thousands of people. Require security, respect for freedom of the press, independent justice and denounce the inflation and exchange restrictions. Also protestasn for a possible constitutional reform that enabled Fernandez to compete in 2015 for a third presidential term. Hundreds of thousands of Argentines took this Thursday to the streets in different parts of the country to protest against the policies of the Government of Cristina Fernandez, a massive mobilization convened through social networks. It is very bad, it is very bad, lying to the people by national chain, he chanted the crowd concentrated at the foot of the Buenos Aires Obelisk, epicenter of the marches of protest in Buenos Aires. Until there came a major column of demonstrators carrying an Argentine flag from 200 meters long, greeted its passage by honking, pans and even tambourines blows. Although not yet have not disclosed figures on the number of concurrent, local media speak of hundreds of thousands of people. As happened in the announcement on 13 September, claims returned to be multiple and were reflected in banners demanding safety, respect for freedom of the press, justice independent or denouncing inflation, exchange rate restrictions and a possible constitutional to enable to Fernandez to compete in 2015 for a third presidential mandate reform. They deny that progress is... Continue reading
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Changes in the ministries of justice agencies provide for an increase in rates. This would mean an increase in the case of an appeal, ranging from 50 to 750 euros. Enshrines a justice for the rich and another for the poor, denouncing the lawyers. More than 12,000 lawyers have called this Monday in throughout Spain the withdrawal of the draft law of the Ministry of Justice which provides a generalized rise in judicial rates between 50 and 750 euros, for it to be a resolution in the courts, according to the General Council of the Spanish legal profession. Lawyers have concentrated at noon in the judicial and collegiate venues in the country to endorse the protest convened by the Standing Committee on the legal profession, which last Thursday unanimously agreed to demand the immediate withdrawal of the project, currently pending in the Senate. Spanish lawyers considered that these rates enshrine a justice for the rich and another for the poor and impede access to justice to a large number of citizens. In the concentration held in Madrid have been involved the President of the General Council of the Spanish law (CGAE), Carlos Carnicer, and judge Dean of M adrid, Jose Luis Gonzalez Armengol. See more: A concentration of 12,000 lawyers calls for the withdrawal of the legal fees in all Spain. . If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Pacific Mortgage... Continue reading
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Asefarma considered serious mistake the day of manifestations of the 29th of September. And is that such and as considerauna of assessments of management dynamics of pharmacy leaders of our country (), is clearly a strike at the wrong time, because it makes no sense making a strike three months after presenting the labor reform, and convened with unclear motives since no one knows against whom is a strike against the Government or employers if, says Carlos Garcia-Maurino, its managing partner. Moreover, such consultancy predicts your absolute failure. Just summon it to placate the Union bases and for that will see trade unions to do something. If you would like to know more then you should visit Pacific Mortgage Services. We predict an absolute failure, above all because there is not enough in worker motivation that justifies losing a day's wage, Anadegarcia-Maurino. In addition Asefarma, as the legitimate representative of a sector that has been harshly punished by measures anti-crisis, as it is that of pharmacies, considers that that day will prefer work to manifest itself. '>Heart Specialist by clicking through. In Asefarma we do not support the call for general strike, and I think that most of our pharmacies share that sentiment. Also employees of pharmacies, in whose templates there is certain fear of cuts in staff, after the drop in profitability that has occurred with the last decretazos fallen on the pharmacy... Continue reading
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In his meeting with the Foreign Ministers of NATO last week, Hillary Clinton showed to the world one of the most important changes in the foreign policy of the White House. On the meeting in Afghanistan said: If we organize this kind of meeting, is expected to be invite to Iran as a neighbor who is in Afghanistan. A prominent leader of Iran - the hard core of the axis of evil in the Bush era - will be convened to meet with their counterparts from the United States and other countries to treat that, today, is a serious problem which is of concern to the United States and its allies: find the mode to end the military intervention in Afghanistan. The invitation also has his little trap, although this may seem innocent. A month ago, Obama sent a secret letter, which soon ceased to be so because the same Obama alluded to it after Russian President Medvedev. Proposed you holding simultaneous talks on the shield missile of the United States, whose planned deployment partial in Europe bothers to Moscow, and about Iranian nuclear intentions. Obama expressed it this way: is natural that if we halt the Iranian intentions do with nuclear weapons, will be less our need for a missile defense. There are two aspects that Obama not alluded to, but which must be taken into account. The first is that, most likely,... Continue reading
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It did not have none. It was for a side and I stop another one. I walked a good time. Well later I was to the dance hall. There it was the Anita. I started to dance with it and I gave myself very well. Colloquy goes, colloquy comes, feet that go, feet that come back, body that goes, bodies that if grasp. We start to feel some thing different. Devagarinho we were in moving away and we leave the hall. We find one there escurinho close and there it rolled. They had been kisses and abraos and abraos and a tremendous belly ache advanced in me. It attacked that me without truce. When it did not support more, I asked for to license it and I ran bathroom pro, but it did not give time and I woke up. I was to the bathroom and I made that it had to make and I came back very toward the bed, thinking about that beautiful dream. How wonder! I woke up early in the other day and the routine of always recommenced. Farm is always the same thing. Almost not dumb nothing never. But it is a place good to live itself. It runs them you run are different of the ones of the city. Already forgotten that dream, I was there one day invited for a party in one cidadezinha close. I accepted... Continue reading
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