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Dude! Yes that does feel better. "I maintain that only an encyclopedic-archaeological turn can save an aging person's attachment to popular culture from descending into ridiculousness." I think there's a better approach. I like to use brutal irony, coupled with an appreciation or rejection of music that youthful pretentiousness may have been unable to properly judge. It doesn't have to be historical, (although I have chosen to listen to some banjo Bluegrass for some of the same reasons as your Hillybilly jug sojourn) but it does mean you can listen to Duran Duran's Rio with pleasure, as well as the appreciation of it's spectacular awfulness. You can still wear a Radiohead shirt with a sneer, with or without Johnny Rotten style tshirt graffiti. You can admit to yourself that New Order were actually pretty bad and still play Blue Monday right after Merle Haggard doing Muleskinnner Blues. You can (if you can hold your mouth just right) even extend this stance into current music. It works.
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Jul 28, 2010