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BSL has not stopped ONE bite or ONE dog related death but it has driven the breeds underground into the hands of the fighters and people who DO want to make them dangerous!. These laws should be influenced by a mix of vets and animal behaviorists. The rate of dog bites compared with vehicle related deaths and injuries is still miniscule. Every second somewhere in the world someone is killed or injured by a vehicle. Cars, Lorries, Mopeds, Motorbikes, even cycles, cause many more horrific injuries and deaths than dogs ever could. Yet I hear no talk about toughening up laws relating to alcohol levels for driving or other diving related laws or talking about banning vehicles!. Truth is ANY dog can bite, any PET can bite, even a hamster can severely injure a child as when they bite, they don't let go either, I know from my own experience and still have the scar from a oh so cute Syrian hamster!. Hit a small child's artery with those teeth and that's a child bleeding out! could be just as fatal as a dog bite NO joke! Better EDUCATION will help, in schools, even nurseries. Dogs known to be safe can be bought in leashed, someone can sit the children down in a circle and teach the children how to behave around the dog, what NEVER to do, and what TO do when around a dog, e.g never approach a stranger's dog without first asking your parent/guardian and the dog's owner if it is alright. Even I, at 28 always ask the owner if I can stroke their dog, it's common sense. Children are not stupid, and primary school age children learn very quickly. Sites like familypaws can help too. Spaying and neutering is NOT a bad thing, it prevents unwanted puppies and kittens in the case of cats. I got my cat neutered before I let him out so he could not father any unwanted kittens. If you Spay/Neuter you are HELPING animals to stay out of shelters and off death row. I am hoping to get a staffy next year, I may be able to get him certified as a service dog as I am disabled, but I would also like to take him round hospitals and hospices, schools etc, bringing comfort to people and children in need of it. All he needs to do is be fully vaccinated and pass an obedience test, then I get a certificate and a permit which allows me to do this.
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Jul 31, 2014