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though this is off topic... Ethier and Sherrill for Jurrjens and Prado? Dodgers pick up a solid pitcher and fill 2B. and the braves gain an offensive outfielder and bullpen help to support their wagner pickup.
hey 661, I like McDonald, but he lets me down soooo much. I like Elbert a lot. Hopefully he get a shot. How are Elbert and McDonald ranked as Dodger prospects? I'm also not worried about the rotation as much as some people are. They managed to piece it together last year. But as you stated, I do worry about Frankie-Boy unloading the team. There's a recent post about selling Stults' contract to Chiba. I think that if they do, it would be more support for the argument that financial times are tight.
Kershaw Bills Kuroda Stults Haeger
Colletti has beat around the bush when asked about his pitching situation. A number of writers speculate that he'll try to wait in the wings like last season, and swoop in on some bargains. If that's the case, which pitchers might fall into this situation?
No 3 year guaranteed deal. 2 years with a club option. Probably around $10-12MM per.
there were doubts about bellisario being a cancer to the clubhouse... he had the same behaviors (missing meetings, not hustling) with his past teams. maybe there's something magical about torre and the dodgers clubhouse that creates winning attitudes. who knows...
padilla would only be worth signing if the dodgers don't have to pay much. however, if they can get him at a low price, it would definitely be worth a shot. willers may be on to something... i feel like pitching in LA, but only if he put up good numbers.
The dodgers have a long history of working well with Japanese pitchers. Matsuzaka may like the idea of pitching with Kuroda in a rotation. 2010 rotation: Billingsley Matsuzaka Kershaw Kuroda Wolf
philly = boo. Colletti should cough up the 5-6 minors for halladay and win 2 WS back to back... provided he avoid arb with his current roster...
The jays aren't in as in bad a shape as Say, the Nats,; i'd say they're like the orioles. They should trade halladay for as many top prospects as they can get, and look forward to being relevant in 2-3 years. Small market team means success comes with home grown talent that is cheaper, albeit, slower to acquire.
what would SD charge the Dodgers for Bell or Meredith? what would the Sox want for Saito? Would the Dodgers even want their former closer back?
hey! can you post some names of potential relievers that may be on the Dodgers short list? Tim posted something like this back in April but I'm wondering if his list has changed now that the season has progressed. Also, what starters are reasonable for the Dodgers to pursue other than Halladay? Thanks!
it's impossible to place blame on rising ballpark prices on one man, or entity. owners, players, agents, advertisers, concessions companies, new era, etc. all contribute to the overall cost of going to a game. lots of comments on how the owners are responsible, and i agree, boras states his price, but the McCourts of the world sign the checks. i guess the buck doesn't stop anywhere.
sociologically speaking, Boras embodies the individualistic, entrepreneurial spirit of the United States and other western cultures. as others have said, he is the best at what he does, yet is vilified. the public's opinion of boras is what makes them the American public...scratching away at their jobs trying to make living, watching their 401k's shrivel like bonds'...well, you get it... all the while, jealous of a man who is great at making money for not only himself, but many others regardless of the state of national economics. it would be interesting to look back and see how this anti-boras perception first developed...