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Hi Monica, Saw you on O'Reilly this evening. Bill's unanswered question to you and Alan is very important. "Why is the entitlement mindset growing?" Why it is growing is important to know but why it is being fostered is equally important. This is all covered in my book, "Thinkers and Sinkers, Why Are They Trying To Kill You?" (ISBN 9780615450407). The creation of the entitlement mindset is part of a greater plan to create dependancy on the government. This is not a conspiracy, it is a shared desire by a part of the population. What is facilitating this shift is a matter of a spiritual gravity. (Stay with me here.) All experiences, opinions, and perspectives have an underlying component that can be understood as being spiritual. Think about your life and your experiences. The joys you've had and the set backs you've battled through. Each of those have given you an intangible sense as you've made your way. The spirit that you have today is due to what you've encountered throughout your life. All parts of human existence are spiritual in essence. Once we can wrap our heads around this reality we will look at this life differently, in a light that will free us from base manipulation. The entitlement mindset can be, and is, propagated because we are less involved with discerning our experiences. The mechanics for this propagation are found in Chapter 20, The Power To Love. Why this mindset is being fostered is at the root of the Sinker goal. The more people become dependent the more their potential for true happiness, and fulfillment is diminished. This is how they kill. The dichotomy of Thinkers and Sinkers is natural and manageable but we must openly discuss these two parts of human nature. Please tell me if this is uninteresting to you. All the best, Dave Moore
Toggle Commented Mar 21, 2012 on The O'Reilly Factor---TONIGHT! at Monica Crowley
This article is another observation that will most likely be ignored by the thoughtless. The modern liberals (read Sinkers), are unable to deal with the truth so they will simply celebrate for any reason, real or imagined, with emphasis on the latter. If they can string together minuscule up ticks in popularity the Sinker media will "truthfully" report of "10% gains in presidential support." What they won't mention is the movement in the opposite direction occurring between those minuscule up ticks. This is their urgent mission which holds their world together. It is highly unlikely the Sinker media will do the job of unbiased reporting. The cannot because their whole existence hangs in the balance. So the administration gins up a premature (immature), celebration in the hopes of getting the herd follow suit. Someone once said, "tell a lie enough times, it becomes the truth." Well, it doesn't become the truth, it only becomes accepted as the truth. And that is all the Sinker mentality (modern liberalism), could hope for. And there is no time like the present to begin lying. Remember "Recovery Summer"? They tell stories to give foundation to their world view in hopes enough people will thoughtlessly go along with their plan. Knowing what the plan is reveals the destructive nature of the Sinker mentality (modern liberalism). This is our challenge and why the mainstream media lies, why politicians lie, and why we are loosing freedom bit by bit. To know more study: "Thinkers and Sinkers, Why Are They Trying To Kill You?" (ISBN 9780615450407). We ought to know what lays at the core of their thought process, if you want to call it that.
Toggle Commented Mar 12, 2012 on Premature Celebration at Monica Crowley
This behavior is less about Islam and more about Supremacy. That is why these actors are connected to the Socialist, Communist, Anarchist, and yes most Liberals in America. They are influenced, motivated, and dominated by the Sinker mentality. That is where our focus should be. We need to correct this corruptive behavior at the source, in the heart of every person on the planet. We are going to defeat the Sinker mentality but there is going to be a lot of crying until we can breath free again. Forget the smaller labels. That's how they slow down their demise, they split their efforts into multiple groups. It's the Liberals, and the Socialist, and the do-gooders, and environmentalist, and a host of other groups that want to tell you what to do. It is all the Sinker mentality. This has to be our focus. We could take down one but they simply shift to another cause. Read: "Thinkers and Sinkers, Why Are They Trying To Kill You?". We've got work to do in a very personal way. Let's get at it by starting the conversation of "Thinkers and Sinkers."
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Feb 15, 2012